There are a bunch of great reasons to want to move to Hawaii. People will move to the Aloha State at different time of their lives and for different reasons.  Work, retirement, “to get away”, to travel and never return to where they came from.  Seriously.   The most common reasons I’ve heard from transplants was “I just couldn’t leave once I got here” or “I knew after that vacation that I took that I’d always be back”.

They all have their own reasons for moving here and I’m sure you have your own reason/s for wanting to move to Hawaii.   And I bet I can guess at least one.

5 Reasons You Want to Move to Hawaii

The Constant, Gorgeous Weather:  I moved to Hawaii in the month of January.  As I write this it’s now June.  The temperature has never gone below 72 degrees.  And that was extreme.  It’s usually sunny and between 75 and 82 degrees, even at night.  I’m from Massachusetts and what the Hawaiians call winter (because it rains more) is better than any summer I ever had up there.  YOU MAY NEVER HAVE TO SHOVEL SNOW AGAIN!

The Laid Back, Island Attitude:  Things are slower in Hawaii.  I’ll admit, when I first got to Oahu the pace was something that I needed to get used to and I wouldn’t have called it a “benefit” at first.  Now, though…the Aloha atmosphere is what I want to call home forever.


The Land:  It’s majestic.  Blue water, beautiful beaches, fish, sea turtles, hikes, mountains, valleys, streams, clouds, sky, trees, flowers, fruit, rainbows…  I could go on and on about Hawaii geographically because it’s my favorite part about the Islands so far.

Constant Yet Different:  It rains on one side of the Island and is blaring sun on another part.  Neighborhoods are as different as the New York burrows.  The food is American but Hawaiian.  McDonalds has rice and spam on the menu!

It’s Part of the United States but Worlds Apart:  Yes, it’s a state.  It’s part of the Union.  The people know that.  I know that.  When you’re here, though, it feels so much different than any piece of the mainland could ever hope to be and don’t talk to me about SoCal or Miami.  It’s not the same.

My FAVORITE Parts of Living in Hawaii

Like I said, the geography is my favorite part about Hawaii since moving here.  And my favorite things about the Island are all a result of the geography.

Jumping into the water

Jumping into the Ocean and Snorkeling:  Imagine getting up in the morning, going to the gym, having breakfast, going to work and then hitting a beach on West Oahu for you daily snorkel and sunset….EVERY DAY.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do. Sure, living in Hawaii is just like life on the mainland in some respects: work, bills, kids, groceries, etc., but knowing that I can barbecue, hit a beach, snorkel and jump into the ocean makes it just a little bit sweeter of a life to me.

Breathing it in!

Sea Turtles:  It’s been my dream to swim with a sea turtle (Honu, in Hawaiian) since I was a little boy.  Since moving to Hawaii I’ve been able to do that time and time again.  I have fallen in love, to the point of obsession, with the Honu and I even volunteered to be part of Malama na Honu (Protect the Sea Turtle) where people give time to protect and educate tourists on beaches where the honu frequent.  It’s why my name here on the site is Honu Hawanawana or “turtle whisperer”.


Sunsets:  The edge of on of the Hawaiian Islands and open ocean make for some of the best sunsets that you will ever see, anywhere in the world.  It’s peaceful at sunset.  The beaches start to quiet down and as the light fades and the sun sets into the water or behind a mountain you get to thank life again for being here and look forward to a new day.

double rainbow

Rainbows: If there is moisture in the mountains of Oahu then I can see a rainbow every day from my backyard.  There’s a reason why there are so many rainbows in Hawaii.

If you need more reasons to move to Hawaii or at least visit Hawaii then I have them for you.  Just hit me up using the contact form on the About page and ask me for more reasons.  Too easy!  I hope you like the rest of our Move to Hawaii guide.  Getting here may not be simple.  Living here may have its challenges.  But once your living in Hawaii then I think that you’ll more than happy you to be here.

Mahalo for reading and stopping by my site.

Ken “Honu Hawanawana”