Ko’Olina Sunseet

You may be wondering where I’ve been for the last month, month and a half.  Well, I’ve had visitors. You’ll find that when you move to  Hawaii you will have friends drop in on you in paradise.  That’s okay, my pleasure.

It’s only a little bit of pressure to be the one in charge of showing people around and pointing them in the right direction when it comes to doing stuff on the island.  Most recently I had my brother and his husband come in to visit.  We had a blast. However, I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it all.

View from Makapu’u of Rabbit Island

Here’s the Secret: Get them Acclimated and Time Oriented Quickly and Tire them out!

Most people visiting from the states are going to have massive jet lag coming to Hawaii.  Even from the West Coast.  You can imagine my visitors, who are mostly east coast peeps coming to the Islands.

When they arrive on the Island, I pick them up and put them in the hotel and let them fend for themselves until the next day.  This takes care of washing up, resting, eating, and shaking out the cob webs.

John and Keith looking totally uncomfortable getting ready to snorkel at Hanauma Bay.

The very next day, I know they’re going to be in the morning early.  Early.  Like most people are up between 3 and 6 a.m.  So, I pick them at 5 a.m. and really start to wear them out.  My go to plan recently has been a short but vigorous hike up to the Makapu’u Lighthouse for photos and sunrise.  Then we hit breakfast somewhere in the Hawaii Kai area. Then right to Hanauma Bay for hours of snorkeling.  Hehe.

Clamoring for a sunrise picture at Makapuu Lighthouse hike.

I consider myself a snorkeling expert on Oahu by now.  I know how to buy good gear and where to go.  I even started a little website with snorkel gear reviews at  So far, it’s been a real fun project and I’m having a ball with the site.

Anyways, after Hanauma Bay, I drop them off early at the hotel to shower and change but I never give them time to sleep.  Nap, yes.  Sleep, no.  I’m doing them a favor.  I pick them up after cleaning up myself and then we go west for the sunset and some cocktails out in Ko’Olina.  Then, when I’m tired, I drop them at the hotel where they sleep until the next morning.

I pick them up slightly later each day, but every day I make them stay awake so as not to miss any Hawaiian sunlight and sunsets.  Or even, the nightlife.

Asides from Makapu’u, Hanauma and Ko’Olina with my brothers, we also hit up the Swap Meet, had dinner, went out drinking all over Waikiki, visited the Dole Plantation, and enjoyed awesome steaks at Wolfgangs in the Royal Hawaiian village area, and did a circle island tour where we ended up having “too good” fish tacos on the North Shore and picking shells up until the last near China Man’s Hat.  #boom.  Great week.

For your very own Oahu itinerary, hire me.

Ken John Keith Makapuu lighthouse
Left to Right: Me (Ken), John and Keith strolling down the Makapuu Lighthouse trail just after sunrise.