Snorkeling in Hawaii is a dream.  I mean, you’re on a series of Islands.  Where else could there be better snorkeling?  Hawaii has some of the nicest beaches and coral formations in the world.  The Pacific Ocean around the Hawaiian Islands provides everything that is needed to make your snorkeling adventure in Hawaii awesome!

1.  Have the Right Gear

For the best snorkeling experience you’re going to need (at a minimum) a snorkel mask, a snorkel tube and some flippers.  Making sure that they fit right is important too.

Flippers that are too big come off and ones that are too small will hurt your feet.  If you’re snorkel mask doesn’t fit right you could wind up with a whole slew of problems like water or fog in the mask.

Here’s an Amazon page where you might be able to find some snorkeling gear.  No need to get fancy-a basic set up is all that you need.


2.  Practice with Your Gear

Snorkeling may look easy, but it actually can be tricky to some people-especially if they’ve never snorkeled before.  Take some time in the shallow waters of where your Hawaii snorkeling location is and practice for a bit.

3.  Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Depending on where you’re snorkeling there may be some dangerous situations that you need to pay  to places that are popular snorkel spots in Hawaii at first.  Always snorkel with a buddy and never do so at night.  Snorkeling in Hawaii can get dangerous if you’re not careful.


Snorkeling in Hawaii:  The Tops Spots 

Oahu:  Sharks Cove, Hanauma Bay, Electric Beach and Lanikai Beach

Big Island, Hawaii:  Kealekua Bay, Kahaluu Beach Park

Maui:  Molokini Crater, Honolua Bay, Kapalua Bay

So, which Island has the best snorkeling in Hawaii?  Well, I’m partial to all of them.  I think Molokini Crater, Kealekua Bay and Sharks Cove are the top three spots in Hawaii.  Of course, there are places that supposedly offer super snorkeling on Kauai and Lanai that I’ve not gotten to…yet!

Top Photo Image Credit:  Exploring Big Island Hawaii

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