Our First Turtle at Shark's Cove AFTER our Trip
Our First Turtle at Shark’s Cove AFTER our Trip

Wow.  June 8th.  That’s the last time I got a chance to work on the site here and publish our last article about the Big Island.  In my defense, it’s been a crazy past two months. June had visitors from the mainland as my brother and his partner came in and then I took a trip to the Big Island.  After that, I traveled to Vegas for business twice and then at the beginning of July, I took a trip back to the “motherland”, Massachusetts.

Also in the mix is my snorkel site, which has gained some momentum and is getting some traction in followers and even making a few dollars.  I’ve found that a wide scope site like Move to Hawaii here is a little more difficult to maintain than a smaller one like the snorkel site.  With larger sites, the topics aren’t as laser focused as smaller ones and it’s more difficult to get ahead of the game, especially with great competition out there like Go Visit Hawaii and all of the larger, tourism-based sites run by hotels, the State of Hawaii, and just people with larger budgets and more time.

Alas, it’s the price I pay for the life I choose.

Trips to Mainland trips-to-mainland-from-hawaii

Every time I travel to the mainland, in particularly this last trip to home, I more than not appreciate the fact that I moved to Hawaii and live here now year round.  Don’t get me wrong, the prices are better (even in Massachusetts and especially in Vegas), but just knowing that I get to leave someplace and return to Hawaii makes living here that much better.

The entire time we were in Massachusetts, the weather was great.  It was hot, actually.  We got to the nicest beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts. And, yes, it’s nice.  The water is cold.  The people are familiar.  But it doesn’t begin to compare to Kaiona Beach Park, Makaha, Lanikai, or any of the other favorite spots that I have.

One thing that Massachusetts has, and lots of other places on the mainland, is a thriving sports culture and community.  I talked a lot about the Patriots, Tom Brady and “Deflategate” while I was home as would be expected.  But the cherry on top was actually getting to Fenway Park and taking in Red Sox game that they actually won.  Those experiences and feelings are not available on Oahu or in Hawaii…and don’t try to convince me that Men’s Volleyball and UH sports can compare.  Nope.

One thing has stayed constant the entire busy summer…I snorkeled my ass off. For me it is more therapeutic than anything else. I put my snorkel gear on, put may face in the water and the rest of world is gone.  It’s just peaceful. I haven’t done as much hiking as I would like.  In fact, I only did Kaena Point once in the past 90 days and that was an introductory tour of the west side of Oahu for a new colleague that moved to the Island with his family.

The Bottom Line

I still can’t believe that I live in Hawaii and I count my blessings every day still.  Next up, is another busy time as I move to the Kapolei and start to deal head on with H1 traffic going east in the mornings and west in the afternoons. That should be a pretty crappy commute on the daily.  Then (after the holidays…) I have my mom, step-dad, brother and brother-in-law coming to the Islands at the end of February.

Hope you all are doing well and I’ll try to make it a point to post here more often.