I’ve been hankering for some hot sandwiches lately. When you’re in Honolulu, you’re apt to be able to find the best of anything. It’s just a melting pot of culture. So much so that a simple “where to find the best **** in Honolulu” search on Google will surely turn up some great results. This latest search for good panini brought us to Cafe Panini.

Panini is an art-form.  You can easily make your own at home by buying good panini press but sometimes you just want to get a great sandwich from a hometown place.

Here’s how our experience at Cafe Panini went:

Cafe Panini Location and Contact:

3375 Koapaka Street Suite D135
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 792-7183
FAX (808) 792-7184

Website: http://www.cafepanini-hi.com/home.html


Best Parts:

  • Pre-made sandwiches in refrigeration or made to order.
  • Accepts call in and carry out for “fast” service.
  • Price:  Not expensive at all for the quality of food you’ll get.

Worst Parts:

  • Location:  Difficult parking and hard to find as it’s in the Airport Industrial building and operate out of a small area near elevators.
  • Service:  It’s slow.  The idea is great, if only the help would buy into “high quality” rather than “fast service” or find a a way to do both.


A good, hot sandwich isn’t that easy to find in Honolulu without some sort of quasi-Asian fusion going into them. Sometimes I miss a good meatball sub (no, Subway doesn’t count) or a nice panini of fresh, home-made mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto.  It’s just really difficult to find in most places around Oahu.

I was hoping that Cafe Panini might be there answer to my prayers.

Cafe Panini serves some good sandwiches and soups.  The special are just “ok”.  So, while we enjoyed the food we didn’t “love” and doubt we’ll be back again as it’s difficult to get to, service is “meh”, and the food doesn’t make up for any of it…although it is decent qaulity.