Night marchers silhouette

Okay, wait a minute.  There are Night Marchers in Moanalua Valley?  If someone had told me that before I made it my “go to cardio hike workout” then I may have opted for something a little further away and less…well, full of Night Marchers.  I mean, seriously people…

I am happy to report that in the numerous times I have hiked in the Monalua Valley I have never once seen a Night Marcher.

Actually, after doing a little research I was able to find out a few places on Oahu and the other Hawaiian Islands where Night Marchers are said to frequent.

Places to Find the Night Marchers on Hawaii (Don’t go looking, though!)



The Pali Highway that runs along the famous battle sight that was fought between King Kamehameha and the Oahu Cheiftains.  Kamehameha won and unified his Island empire…  Wonder which side the Night Marchers that you see were on?

The Kamehameha Schools Campus in Kapalama.  Many reported Night Marcher sightings.  It’s an old school.

Kauloa Ranch on the Windward Coast.  There’s an area where a lot of old Hawaiian Cheifs are buried, so yeah, the Night Marchers hang out there too!

La’ie was once a refuge spot for criminals who broke the strict religious laws (known as aikapu) of old Hawaii.  If criminals got there then they had refuge but they were “held” there as well.  Once a soldier always a soldier and the Night Marchers still roam La’ia looking for escapees.  Great.


In the Ahihi-Kinau Natura Area Preserve there is an area called La Perouse Bay.  Hardened lava landscape is the perfect place for the Night Marches to run amok and cause mayhem and screams.


The town of Kaunakakai has the remains of the Ili’ili’pae Heiau, a sacred temple.  Reportedly, this is like a Night Marcher Zippy’s…they tend to hang out there.

I’m sure there are more spots on the Islands where the Night Marchers hang out.  If you know of any then please add them in the comments below.   Wanna’ know more?  Night Marcher Legend in Hawaii.