Wanna’ live here? I thought so…

So, I was just about to sit down and write this long post about great resources to use when you’re in the beginning stages of moving to Hawaii or even thinking about it. As for myself, I’ll be moving within Hawaii in about a week as I take the long 6 mile trek down H1 West and head to Kapolei. Crap..that’s going to be an excruciating commute. (It’s funny because people who don’t know about Oahu traffic think that I’m being sarcastic. LOL)

Anyway, while doing the research for that article I came across this cool Cost of Living in Hawaii Calculator from PayScale.com. It’s not a real comprehensive report but it does give you some pretty eye-opening stats about your move to the Aloha State.

Actually, it kind of matters.  I did the calculation from Boston to Honolulu using the calculator and it wasn’t anything too strikingly crazy to cause me to choke on my manapua.   However, I’m sure there are some locations in the United States that will cause you to catch your breath when you see what your salary has to be in Hawaii to sustain the same style of living that you’re used to in your current location.

Remember, though…it’s all about being ready for the change, downsizing before you get here, and then having a solid plan and budget to live within your means. The cost of living in Hawaii is high.  That’s no news flash at this point. Dammit, though, you can do it!  (Just consider moving to the Big Island when you do…there are some major benefits.  I’m thinking about doing it eventually.)

I will be getting around to that post that features the 10 Best Resources for Moving to Hawaii in a bit…hopefully tomorrow.  In the meantime, take a look at some of our other awesome articles on the Moving to Hawaii Guide page.