Nanakuli Beach taken from the Leeward Side.

Nanakuli Beach Park is probably more of a local’s beach than a tourist attraction.  However, once you move to Hawaii and start to live here you’re going to want to get out from under the tourist umbrella as soon as possible.  Oahu is so much more than Waikiki.  Sure, tourists don’t have time to see the entire of the Island (or most of it) and that’s okay…let them have Waikiki.  You have the Island.

Be careful, though.  Hawaiian locals are aware that places like Waikiki are bound to have tourists and people that don’t understand the true meaning of “Aloha”.  When you’re at a local beach like Nanakuli, though, the locals are apt to have less patience with tourist behavior.

Don’t be afraid, just be aware of where you’re at and what you’re doing.  Just be cool, bruddah’

Nanakuli Beach Park Details:

  • Location:  Leeward Coast (West Side) of Oahu along the Farrington Highway or Route 93
  • Size:  40 acres of beach park with a wide sand beach that is 500 feet long and 125 feet wide.
  • Amenities:  Parking (limited), restrooms and showers.
Gorgeous sunsets on Leeward Oahu.

Notes about Nanakuli Beach Park: 

There isn’t a lot of shade at the beach park. There are some larger trees that can provide protection from the sun but they are coveted real estate at Nanakuli.

Some picnic tables and a ball field are also present.

Camping is allowed with a permit.

There is a strong shore break at Nanakuli.  In the winter it is downright dangerous to swim and during the summer it can still be pretty dangerous.  You will feel the power of the ocean.

The beach itself sits between 2 limestone points.  The local kids like to the jump from the leeward (west) point.  You have to time it right though.  If you don’t jump when the surf rides in then you could be jumping into shallow water.  Be Careful…  But it’s real fun!  I did it and just asked the local kids for some guidance and direction.  They helped out and we had a blast.

Me and the local kids had a blast jumping into the surf.