Common sights in Hawaii. Just riding down the road near Haliewa.

Sometimes when I think about my life in Hawaii I’m often reminded of that old song/narration that was written for a graduation or something like that.  You know the one I mean.  It has that line:  “Live in Southern California once but leave before it makes you soft.”  Originally, it was attributed to Kurt Vonnegut but it was actually written by a lady named Mary Smich.

Anyways, when it comes to going soft….Hawaii can do it to ya’.  Moving to Hawaii can also make your life a little bit awkward.

Your Space Loses its Comfort

Nanakuli Beach taken from the Leeward Side.

You’ll never really be happy in your house or your personal space again.  I often say that all I need to be happy in Hawaii is a studio apartment, a mifi, a laptop and a phone with a decent camera.  I stand by that.  You’ll never be as happy in front of the television again as you were in your life before your move to the Hawaiian Islands.  There’s just too much beauty to see.  Too many beaches to find ultimate comfort on.

Work Sucks


However, in order to maintain even the minimalistic living that I just described, you’ll still need a job. Especially with the cost of living and housing in Hawaii.  It’s difficult, though!  I wake up in the morning excited to go to work but by the time I have my first break and spend some time outside or looking out the windows…I no longer want to be there.  My mind wanders.  I’m less productive.  Works sucks in Hawaii.  It’s really awkward if this is the case and you’re supposed to be in charge.

Your Facebook  and Instagram Friends May Hate You

I love the Honu

You’ll post videos, pictures and statuses of all the things you’re doing and seeing in Hawaii.  At first your friends will be like “wow”, “awesome” and “unbelievable”.  Then eventually the comments will stop coming.  Every once in a while you’ll get an angry friend who will lash out and tell you to stop.  They’re just jealous of course.  I mean, imagine looking at my picture of a beach and sea turtles from Hawaii while you’re in 1 degree weather in Massachusetts with 2 feet of snow on the ground.  Ouch.  Burn.  #awkward.

You’ll Never Want to “Go Back Home” Again

I’m from Massachusetts.  It’s a gorgeous place to be from.  It all started there (Plymouth Rock, the Boston Tea Party, the shot heard round the world, etc), however…I don’t ever want to go back.  I may never have to shiver again from the cold.  Moving to Hawaii has assured me that I will never have to shovel or rake leaves again.  I can barbecue outside on a beach on Christmas day.  Why would I ever go back home?  That’s hard to explain to family and friends back home sometimes.

Knowing Who You Are May Surprise You


I never knew that I was made for this kind of life until I got here.  The Aloha way of life, swimming with sea turtles, hiking, snorkel, collecting sea shells and never wanting to leave the beach…I just never knew it was me.  I’ve learned more about myself in 6 months of living in Hawaii then I learned in the previous ten years combined.

When are you Moving to Hawaii or are you just going to keep hating on my FB and Instagram feed?