Moving to Hawaii Guide

real-estate-hawaiiMoving to Hawaii is a dream for many people.  Unfortunately, hat dream won’t come true for most people who want to do it. was created with that dream in mind and the cornerstone of the type of content we wanted to deliver to our readers.

To help people decide if moving to Hawaii is the best thing for them.  We write articles on sights, destinations, activities, beaches, marine life. hiking, and everything that we love (and thing you’ll love about Hawaii, too) as well as general information articles about cost of living, climate geography etc.  and anything else you might want to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to move to Hawaii.

We also want to help people move to Hawaii with guides, how-to and review articles if they do make the decision to come and live in Hawaii forever.  Information about housing (buying or renting), apartments, getting a job, shipping property, shipping a car, when to come and which island to go to is all important to us because it will be important to you as well.

Our Move to Hawaii Guide consists of the following articles:

Here are my reasons why you should be moving to Hawaii as soon as you can!.

How to choose the Hawaiian Island that is best for you and your needs.  You may be surprised.

Oahu is “the Gathering Place” with lots of awesome stuff to do, places to see, and jobs to be had.  But is it right for you?  This webpage breaks down the Oahu specific details and offers pros and cons.

Maui is the “Valley Isle”.  It is where the stars vacation and live.  It has gorgeous views and there’s plenty to do.  Here’s our quick break down of what living in Maui may be like.

Everything that you need to know about the size of each island, the cost of living, unemployment rates, etc. when moving to Hawaii.

Not all moving companies are created equal.  This is especially true of Hawaii movers because moving to and from the Hawaii to the mainland is like no other move you will ever do.

You’ve chosen a moving company and you’re starting to pack and think about what to bring with you to Hawaii.  This article will explain how to ship a car to Hawaii, what companies to use and what you’ll need to drop off and pick up your vehicle on either end.

This article covers subjects like personal belongings, property and vehicles.  We’ll be going a lot more in-depth on each of those subject, as well as recommended businesses to use, in this series but for now this is a good place to get started.

This is the ultimate, only guide, premiere tip collection and step-by-step guide to bringing your pets to Hawaii with you on your move.  Don’t leave your furred, feathered, or finned loved ones in the lurch or in quarantine!

The basics of what you may encounter and take into consideration when buying a house on the Hawaiian Islands.  Moving to Hawaii is hard enough without having any clue about where you’re going to live.

Any moving to Hawaii Guide is going to need an apartment renting article that teaches you what to expect, prices and why it’s different than renting on the mainland.

You can find a job when you move to Hawaii.  It may be more difficult but if you have a plan and leverage your contacts and online network, as well as approach desirable businesses directly, you can have a job waiting for you when you get to the Islands.

Bringing your family to Hawaii on your move is an adventure.  Getting them into them into a school in Hawaii Public School system could be an adventure to you if you’re not prepared and don’t know which documents to bring.

When you move to Hawaii you’ll be leaving friends and family behind.  It’s hard and expensive to visit from Hawaii or to Hawaii.  Here are our tips for keeping family and friends involved and staying in touch when moving to Hawaii.

The cost of food in Hawaii is just another part of the high cost of living in the Aloha State.  You can save money, or rather not spend a whole bunch of money needlessly, if you have a strategy to your grocery buying.

Yes, Hawaii can be an expensive place to live but there are ways to cut down on the high-costs of eating out, utilities, gym memberships and grocery shopping.

There are plenty of ways to live in Hawaii on the cheap!  If you want to save money on groceries or just live off the land, there is an abundance of fresh and wild fruits, veggies, nuts, fish and even wild chicken!