As I write this blog post my family in Massachusetts (and the entirety of New England) is getting hammered with a historical blizzard.  You’ve probably heard about it on the news.  Currently, I’m sitting in a crappy barracks room at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Believe me, the only reason I’m here is because the Army made me come.  It’s horrible…I haven’t seen the sun in 4 days.  Moving to Hawaii was the best thing that ever happened to me.  No more doubts or questions.

When I left Honolulu this past Saturday evening (red-eye to Denver), it was overcast…but it was 79 degrees.  I arrived in Louisville on Sunday afternoon, around 4PM.  Three hours later I was freezing in this same barracks room as I now sit and it was 29 degrees outside.  My room was a coooool 64 degrees.  Today, I’m huddled in the same room but staying alive with the help of a $19.99 space heater that I’m not even authorized to have.  Talk about sucking…

Don’t Let Life Start to Fog Your Vision 

Sunset, Hale’iwa Beach North Shore Oahu

It was a wake-up call of sorts, though.  I never had any thoughts that Hawaii wasn’t a great place to live and I hadn’t once thought about moving from the islands after retirement.  However, I DO think I was starting to under-appreciate Hawaii and Oahu just a little bit.  The idea of where I was living was starting to lose its glow.  I stopped remembering every day how lucky I was to be living in a spot where some people try to visit their entire life.  Millions come every year to Hawaii and wish they could live there but end up having to leave in the end.

Here’s the deal.  Not everyone can live in Hawaii.  Maybe its commitments elsewhere.  Maybe they don’t want to be so far away from family on the mainland.  Maybe it’s the cost of living.

You Really Can Move to Hawaii…


BUT…if you really wanted to move to Hawaii you could do it.

  • You may have to downsize.
  • You may have a dinky, little, living space
  • You may not get your dream job.
  • You may over-pay for milk.
  • You’ll probably miss things about the mainland.

IT’S POSSIBLE, though.

The only thing stopping you is you.  Take a chance.  Drop everything.  Be irresponsible and just do it.

You may never have the chance again.  When you’re older and looking back at your life do you want to still have the “I wish I had moved to Hawaii all those years ago” thoughts lingering in your head? Or ANY regrets, for that matter?

Think Before You DON’T ACT


There is a cost to living in paradise, sure.  Will you miss family and friends sometimes?  Yup.  Especially so if you decide to move to Hawaii all by yourself.  My move to Hawaii guide is still a work in progress but there is some useful information in there.

You could move to the islands and spend the rest of your life in Paradise, or–many years from now–you could be sitting, unfulfilled, staring at a postcard of a perfect beach, a sunset, and happy people enjoying it.

Decisions were born to be made.  You may not have as much of a window to make the decisions that will really make you happy in life as you may think.

Do it.

Look me up when you get here.


  1. Amazing post! Think before you don`t act!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am going to move to Honolulu next month. I can`t wait to see these beaches. Greetings!

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