Just another reason to Move to Hawaii…

Let’s not beat around the bush on this subject.  Let’s not be coy or “afraid” to say it out loud.  Giselle Bundchen is the best looking woman on the face of the Earth.  That’s a fact that I am not making up.  You can look it up!  The lady has the face of an angel. Not just any angel, either…I’m talking one of the popular, important angels.

Giselle is family oriented.  She has good business sense.  She’s a great mother and, yes, even after a couple of kids, she’s still looks amazing and holds it all together.  Oh, she’s married to the best quarterback who has ever played the game, too.  (Can you tell that it’s NFL playoff time?)

So, taking that all into account, yes, Hawaii is the Giselle Bundchen of all of the United States.

move to Hawaii because Giselle Bundchen is gorgeous

A Little Reference For You To Work With

I have a pretty strong opinion of all of the states and I have a weird (brilliant?) habit of attributing female faces and personalities to them.  It’s one of the reasons that I am happy with my move to Hawaii…because in a lot of ways, the rest of the states just don’t measure up fully.

  • Massachusetts is the Sarah Connor of my female-to-state attribution system . Sarah Connor is the mother of John Connor from the Terminator movie series. Massachusetts is where it all started, America. Face it.
  • Florida is Sophia Vergara. It’s hot, spicy and with enough of an attitude to be gorgeous and dangerous at the same time.  Ever seen the Miami night life?
  • And then there are the “not so great” places, like New York and Pennsylvania, who I can only attribute to a cross-dressed Dick Cheney; sick, dangerous, and not at all able to live up to the hype that once was but which/who is still riding that wave of old popularity and making appearances on CSPAN look as uncool as they actually are. (Sorry, New Yorkers…#GOBOSTON)

As Goes Hawaii, So Goes the Beauty of Bundchen

Now that that is out of the way you now have a reference of what I’m talking about here.  And you can see exactly how Hawaii is the Giselle Bundchen of the United States.  If you don’t believe me, then all you have to do is open up any article or page on Hawaii and be blown away by the sites and natural scenery.  See?  There’s another great point:  Giselle Bundchen is naturally pretty.  There’s no augmentation there, my friends!

Here are a couple of my favorite images and photos of Hawaii that will help me prove the beauty point.  For the rest, you’d have to move to Hawaii yourself and “feel” the Islands in order to really get to know her.  😉

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