Here’s a quick guide to give you information about whether you should move to Oahu or not.  Each island is different.  Oahu is a beautiful island paradise that also has all the amenities of a modern, big city on the mainland.  It is home of the State Capital, Honolulu and the world famous Waikiki.

Population: 953,217 according to the 2010 census

Population of Honolulu:  337,000

Climate: Tropical with geography containing mountains, rain forest and beach front.  Numerous valleys with a few small streams and beautiful waterfalls.

Housing Price:  In Wai’anea the average price for a 3-bedroom, 1.5 bath is $150,000

Rental Price:  Here are some estimates:

·         Studio: $1,148

·         1-bedroom: $1,339

·         2-bedroom: $1,616

·         3-bedroom: $2,308

·         4-bedroom: $2,564

Hospitals:  Queens Medical Center in Honolulu and Tripler Army Medical Center are the two main hospitals on the Island.  While Tripler caters mostly to military, they have emergency services.

Grocery Average Prices:  35% to 40% on Oahu mainland prices.  Strangely, local milk can average $7 per gallon while an imported gallon from the mainland will run about $5 to $6

Languages:  English, Hawaiian and Pidgin (unofficial slang)


Best Neighborhoods:  Depending on your needs this will change with variables like:

Do you need schools nearby?


Dog parks?

Where are you working?

Mountain view or ocean view?

Budget limitations

You’ll need to do extensive research on the internet based upon your needs and desires, or Hire us to help.

Main Attractions:

·         Waikiki-World Famous beaches, arts, entertainment, food and shopping

·         Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial-Learn and visit World War II history.

·         Polynesian Cultural Center-Learn about the history of Hawaii and her people.

·         Paradise Cove-attend a luau

·         Snorkel Hanauma Bay

·         Hike and enjoy waterfalls and beautiful views

·         …and so much more!

·         Going on vacation to Oahu?  Hire us to help plan it!

Business Center:

Waikiki and downtown Honolulu is like, but not as big, as any major city on mainland USA.

Move to Oahu Pros and Cons


·         Beauty is not as great as the Big Island and Kauai but it is holds its own.

·         Oahu is “the gathering place” so there is lots of entertainment and culture.  Plenty to do and jobs are not as scarce as on other Islands.

·         Airport is close to all locations on the island.


·         Traffic heading towards Honolulu and Waikiki in the mornings between 630 and 930 and heading out of Honolulu in the afternoons between 330 and 6.

·         Prices and Cost of living.

·         More like the “big city” than any of the other islands.