Anyone who has moved more than one can tell you that moving and packing everything you own is a giant pain. Most would even say it can be one of the most stressful things can you put your family though. However, there are a few over looked items that professionals often use that may have escaped your attention in the past. These items can make a huge difference in making your move to Hawaii less stressful.

  1. Moving Blankets – These are used to wrap your big items and protect them from scratches. They can also be called furniture pads, and come in different thicknesses. Perfect for your flatscreen TV or priceless family heirlooms and wood furniture.
  1. Stretch Wrap – This stuff can save so much time and replace tape in some cases. Often time it is used to hold drawers in place for dressers or couch cushions on. It will make a huge difference in the actually moving part of moving.
  1. Furniture Dolly – Something so simple can make moving in and out of the house a night and day difference. Just set the heavy stuff on it and roll it to the door. You might even feel like hitting the gym afterwards because you miss the burn.
  1. Actual Packing Tape – The cheap stuff that comes off the roll in pieces just doesn’t cut it. Good packing tape on a tape dispenser will make you feel like a professional in no time while saving you endless amounts of frustration.

Hopefully these four items will make a difference in your moving experience and make it less stressful. Depending on who shows up to help you move, it could even be fun!

Author Bio:

Dustin Montgomery

Hi, I’m Dustin. I’ve been a part of a few too many under prepared moving situations. I hope to share my experiences with others to save them time and prevent the incredible frustration! Moving doesn’t have to be hard.