Lanikai Beach is the only beach that I’ve been to on Oahu, so far, that has a little bit of something for everyone in the family.  All shapes and sizes can appreciate and find something fun to do on Lanikai Beach in Oahu.  From the casual sun bather to the active windsurfer and everyone in between, they can all appreciate the beauty and activities available at Lanikai Beach in Oahu.

The beach is long, narrow and an offshore reef provide calm waters all along the sand shore.  You can look out a ways to where the coral starts and you’ll see the surf slight breaking over it.

Lanikai fronts the high-end neighborhood of Lanikai on the windward side of Oahu, within the town limits of Kailua.


When I say that just about anything can be done on this beach, I mean it.  I went after my Lanikai Pill Box hike on a Sunday.  Even then, the beach wasn’t that crowded and the day was beautiful.

What Can You Do at Lanikai Beach?

Sun Bathe

The beach has a gradual downwards slope that is perfect to lay down on a towel or planting your behind in your favorite beach chair.

Walk the Beach

The Pillbox trail, or the Ka’iwa Ridge, can be seen from the beach as well as the Mokolua Islands(the Mokes) and the Koolua Mountains.  It’s a beautiful beach to stroll and people watch as well as look at the beauty of the land around.



The water isn’t as clear when you’re close to the shore but a little ways of shore (it stays 6-9 feet deep pretty far out) and the water clears up.  There’s plenty of beautiful live coral to see while snorkeling as well as fish.  I didn’t see any Hawaiian sea turtles but I hear there are lots of them there.

KayakLanikai Beach

You can either stay parallel to the beach and kayak back and forth or take a trek out to the Mokes and explore Moku Nui.

Paddle Board

Go upright or kneeling and you can enjoy the breeze in your face as you paddle around the beach and shoreline.


The breeze and calm waters make windsurfing perfect at Lanikai Beach.  If you’re into that type of thing then you definitely have to give Lanikai Beach a try.


You may be saying that a lot of the stuff that I just named is exactly what you want to do at any Hawaiian Beach that you visit, however Lanikai Beach provides a perfect place for you to do all of them in one place-that isn’t always available at other Oahu beaches.