There’s water all around you.  Water sports are huge in Hawaii.  Don’t forget to throw kayaking into your repertoire of hobbies while you’re living in Hawaii.

If you like to get around and see all that there is on the Hawaiian Islands then kayaking will give you a very different point of view of many of your favorite spots.  Sitting on a beach or snorkeling in shallow waters are awesome ways to relax and enjoy Hawaii.  Gliding just slightly off the coast and watching the beaches, seeing the mountains, and being able to get away from the crowds while still enjoying the best that living in Hawaii has to offer by kayaking is a completely different and just as great.


Why Kayaking in Hawaii is so Awesome!

What is there not to like about kayaking in Hawaii?  You’re out in nature, under the sun, experiencing the marine life in a completely different way.  No matter what level of kayaker you are then you can enjoy the tranquil waters of bays or the rougher waters for the adventuresome type.

You can kayak in Hawaii alone for some “me” time, do it in a group for the social experience, or even “couple up” in a double kayak and discover pieces of the islands that you wouldn’t without a water-going vessel.

Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak, Sunrise

Kayaking as a Great Workout

Kayaking is a great workout, too!  It really hits all the key parts of the upper-body.  Pulling that water with the paddle will help you build a statue like back, shoulders of boulders,  arms like an anaconda, abs of adamantium, and pecs like Hercules.  Not to mention that the fact that kayaking is a cardio carving!  Whether you’re coasting or really cutting into the water and sprinting across the surface like a torpedo, you’re sure to get a helluva’ workout from kayaking in Hawaii.

Kayaks on the way to the Mokulua Islands.
Kayaks on the way to the Mokulua Islands.

Don’t let me scare you, though.  It’s just as relaxing as it looks.  When you get tired, rest.  When you’re ready to go then go.  It’s pretty simple.  Since you’re won’t be doing much kayaking in areas that require constant steering and control (no white water kayaking!) then you’ll be able to have a great time while giving your body a rockin’ workout at the same time.

According to Harvard Health Pub, here’s how many calories you’ll burn each hour while kayaking:

125 pound person:   300 calories/hour

155 pound person:   372 calories/hour

185 pound person:    444 calories/hour

You can see that just 30 minutes  a day of kayaking, just a couple of days per week (or per month) can help burn off some of those calories that you’ve been trying to get rid of all the while having a great time on the water.

Some Great Places to Kayak in Hawaii

Kayak to the Mokulua Islands-Oahu


The Mokes are beautiful.  The waters are calm.  Lanikai and Kailua Beaches are gorgeous places to launch from.  On the way out the Islets, keep an eye out for surfacing sea turtle.  I counted 7 on my trek.

Kayaking the Na Pali Coast-Kauai


Kayaking tours along the Na Pali Coast are some of the greatest and most beautiful in the state of Hawaii.  I haven’t been but from all accounts from people that have it is definitely on my to-do list.  Photo Courtesy of Sightseeingworld.com

Kayaking to Mokolii Island (Chinaman’s Hat) -Oahu


Mokolii Island is known as “Chinaman’s Hat”.  Although I’m not sure that’s exactly a politically correct term, I’ve heard locals and visitors alike use it and haven’t seen anyone get upset yet.  It’s about a 30 minute kayak trip from the beach and you can hike once you get out there.

Kealakekua Bay Kayaking-Big Island


Kealakekua Bay on the Kona side of the Big island’s Kona is a favorite kayaking spot and one that has been on my Hawaii bucket list for a while now.  The Captain Cook Monument (the dude that discovered the “Sandwich Islands”, now the Hawaiian Islands for the English) is about a mile straight across the bay.  BOOM!  Look for dolphins which are often seen in the bay. Photo Courtesy of:  Surf Kona