Gorgeous, baby-blue, water.

So, I have to admit to an error.  Hey, it happens sometimes.  Sometimes.  A while ago I wrote an article on “Lanikai Beach”.  What I didn’t know at the time was that it was Kailua Beach.

Kailua Beach park sits on two beaches that are separated by only a scenic, rocky point that is backed by some really nice houses.  While one part of the beach sits in Kailua and the other sits in Lanikai (which is part of Kailua).  Lanikai is a neighborhood in Kailua.

So, mistake made and admitted to.  Today, I was on the Kailua side of Kailua Beach park.  I guess.  I’m still a little confused by the whole thing.

While the Lanikai part looks directly upon the Mokulua Islands, the Kailua half is across from “Flat Island” which is the red-headed step child of the islands in the area.  And, yes, you can actually kayak to Flat Island just like you can kayak to the Mokes.

Kailua Beach Park is Beautiful

You can see Flat Island in the distance.

Kailua Beach and the beach park is gorgeous.  Soft, fine, white sand and beautiful blue water.  The surf can be gentle and then it can pick up a little as well so that you can get some boogey-boarding in.  What you can’t get in is any real snorkeling.  There are is no coral close to the shore and the water is blue but churned up enough to make snorkeling kind crappy.  I did get to see a sea turtle while I was at Kailua Beach Park, though.  The Honu Hawanawana ALWAYS sees a honu (Hawaiia sea turtle) or two.

The entire place is pretty family friendly as I saw a lot a mix of people; those with families and small kids, teenagers, and older people.  The park is maintained but the parking is absolutely terrible.  You’ll have to have get there pretty early to have a good chance of getting parking.  We showed up around noon because we did a hike in Kailua in the morning.

As usual, in Kailua you can rent kayaks, paddle boards, do some wind-surfing and parasailing.  And that’s what a lot of people actually visit the Kailua area for.  Well, that and the Lanikai Pillbox as well as some other cool hikes.

While Kailua used to be a quiet little beach, it is starting to become discovered by the masses.  There are plenty of good restaurants and shops in Kailua due to the influx of visitors.