Kaena Point is the western limit of Oahu.  It’s a pretty special feeling being out there, both on the trail and at the point where the bird and monk seal sanctuary are.  The entire hike is along beautiful coastline that is rugged and serene at the same time.  Beautiful blue water, inviting tide pools, monk seals, albatross and the open ocean.

The hike itself is scenic and you’ll see (most likely) some monk seals along the way if you look for them on the rocks by the tide pools below the trail.  There are actually two separate hikes to Kaena Point.  We did the Wai’anae side.  To get there you follow H1 west until it ends and becomes the Farrington Highway (Route 93) which then will turn into a two-laned road and end at Kaena State Park.  When the paved roade ends, so should you.  Park in the small area and start your hike.  Warning:  There have been break-ins in the area for cars parked.  Don’t leave anything of value.  We had no issues, though.  The route is 2.4 miles one way, so almost 5 round trip. WATER WATER WATER.



Some of the rock formations along the coast on Kaena Point are the best you’ll see. Here are my kids doing the photo op thing under the arch.  I hear that some people like to climb these but I’m content with appreciating the look and snapping a few pics.


There were monk seals on the route.  Monk Seals are a protected species do not get too close or disturb them.   They need to rest on the shore in order to maintain energy levels and stay healthy.


At the end of the trail (or near it) you’ll come to a gated and fenced off area that is the start o the wildlife sanctuary.  Here there are albatross and Hawaiian shearwater.  I got a good picture of a nesting shearwater.

The nest in grassy parts of burrows in the dunes.
The nest in grassy parts of burrows in the dunes.


And one of some albatross guarding their nests.

Albatross on Kaena Point.

The best part of the Kaena Point hike are the tide pools on the far side of the bird sanctuary.  This area had everything.  Big waves, calm tide pools to cool off in, monk seals, eels, crabs.  AWESOME!

The road back was a lot hotter because it was later in the day.  We were all tired and needed a meal.  Definitely worth the hike, though.  Bonding, scenery and memories.  The Kaena Point Hike is a trip that I could do again and again.

Kaena Point Hike on the Map