Lots of people want to move to Hawaii.  Paradise doth beckon, after all.  I’ve learned recently, though, that saying you want to live in the Aloha State and actually having a plan on how to move to Hawaii  are two completely different things.

Moving to Hawaii is a big step and I wouldn’t think of trivializing it by saying “7 easy steps” or in any other way making it sound like a cinch.  However, people do it all the time.  With a little planning you can too!

How to Move to Hawaii

1.  Decide You’re Moving to Hawaii

This part is probably easier said than done.  The fact is, though, that you need to decide if moving to Hawaii is the right thing for you.  Read most of the articles in our Moving to Hawaii Guide to help you make that decision.

2.  Save money

This is one of the difficult parts about moving anywhere, but especially off the mainland.  MONEY!  It costs money to ship your household items and as well as a car and to fly to the Islands.  I suggest saving about 3 months of salary or pay in addition to those costs.  You’ll be more comfortable once you uproot and leave your current home with a nice savings and emergency account to lean back on if needed.  And it may be needed…

3.  Find a Job

While you’re saving your money for the big move start thinking about where you want to work and looking for a job in Hawaii.  Depending on which island you move to this will more or less difficult in regards to your skill set.  Have a job lined up first before coming.  The job and income is the part that you’re going to need most of all when you get here.  Everything else can come in time.


4.  Airfare/Hotel/Rental Coordination

Ok, once you have your job all line up then take your kitty that you’ve been saving and buy your airfare, Hawaii hotel and car rental.  Get it all packaged up into a nice little deal.  You can find great deals online for hotels and car rentals depending on the time of year you plan on moving.

We always recommend Expedia and Hawaiian Airlines for great travel deals to and from Hawaii.  You can find their banners at the bottom of any page on this site.

5.  Find an Apartment:  Short lease, adequate conditions and proximity to work

Okay, so now you’re in Hawaii.  It’s great right?  Yeah.  You’re going to love living here. Don’t get spoiled in that nice hotel you’re in, though.  You should have started working by now (and if not, start working!) and you need to find a decent place to live before hotel charges start to mount up and you begin to convince yourself that you’re on vacation.  It’ll be worth it but you need to get an apartment that is close to your work and with a short lease.  Why?  Read the next step…

6.  Move to more permanent residence

You have your job.  Now, it’s time to get out of your temporary residence and move your more permanent one.  Don’t fret and don’t worry about time frames (just remember your lease conditions).  If you find that you’re happy where you’re living then stay.  If not then move.  It’s the islands, brah’…relax.

7.  Enjoy living in Hawaii

Well, here you are.  You’re living in Hawaii and you’re loving it.  The perfect weather.  Awesome snorkeling, beaches, hiking, restaurants and culture.  Aren’t you glad you made it?

The only hard decision that you’ll have to make in this whole situation is where to have your household items shipped to…you’re temporary apartment or your more permanent apartment/house.  It really depends on how long you’ll be in the temporary residence and how many times you’ll want to move.  And remember, you may have to pay again to move to the more permanent residence.  Keep that in mind.  Again, you’ll love living here!