I didn’t really get a jump on Thanksgiving in Honolulu as well as I did with Halloween and Veteran’s Day.  I guess it’s gonna’ be one of those holiday seasons where I’m always behind…

This is really my first “winter” holiday in Hawaii.  I know that November isn’t really the winter season but I’m from Massachusetts.  It’s cold there in November.  Cold means winter.  So, there’s my logic…

Allow me to be a little lazy here this week and post a round-up of some interesting sites that I was flicking through recently.  It should give you some good ideas of what’s going on in Hawaii for Thanksgiving.

The Cost of Living and its Ugly Turkey Head

First…I wasn’t surprised to find out that a Thanksgiving dinner in Hawaii (Hilo and Honolulu) are the two most expensive in the country.  According to NerdWallet, Hilo and Honolulu are numbers 1 and 2 respectively.  You can check out the graphic below:

The True Cost of Your Thanksgiving Meal   NerdWallet
Cost of Thanksgiving living in Hawaii

Black Friday and Business Extra Hours to Get Your Money

Does this look fun?

I hate Black Friday.  I think it is the evil spawn of the commercialized society we have created.  It’s ugly.  It’s nasty.  The whole purpose of the day is for you to spend your hard earned money. It’s horrible.  It’s BLACK FRIDAY.  It just sounds ominous…like the Black Plague….

Anyway, here is a very informative page from Khon to let you know when and where you can spend your money on Black Friday in Hawaii.  The only good thing I saw on that list was that the Kahala Mall Starbucks is open at 4 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day.  I don’t know why I think that’s good…

Waikiki “Thanksgiving” Parade 2014

The parade takes place in Waikiki on…you guessed it…Black Friday.  This is one of the greatest ideas anyone could ever have.

The parade commemorates and honors the survivors of Pearl Harbor and veterans in General.  The parade was founded a guy named Jake Peppers in 1998 who is a Navy vet and ex-football player.  From the website:  “Jake realized the need for a holiday parade in Honolulu and in partnership with Gateway Music Festivals & Tours, revived the Honolulu Christmas Parade, which had been dormant for several years.”


This is a great way to blow off Black Friday and the malls.  Get out to the parade and take part in something special.  Lots of mainland marching school bands will be in attendance.

Besides…there’s always Cyber Monday to spend your money from the comfort of your own house…or beach.