The University of Hawaii is providing a health care finance advance-skilled development course for Hawaiian, local, and Hawaii resident physicians and health care executives.

The hybrid, web-based program will encompass health care business funding and finances, risk analysis, investment, capital budgeting, and the decision-making progress, all vital skills. The Shidler school of Business seminar continues to accept candidates since its launch two Saturdays ago.

The course ends on March the 14th with an open panel discussion and talk on the impacts of national health reform, the highest of priorities and concerns for many in the US.  The panel is dynamic and will include: Rick Keene, former chief financial officer of The Queen’s Health Systems, Jeff Kissel, executive of the Hawaii Health connective, and Hilton Raethel, CHO at the Hawaii Medical Service Association.

Speakers and lecturers for the class consist of Wendi Barber, former chief financial officer of Castle Medical Center; Bob Ching, general counsel and vice chairman, Hawaii Pacific Health; David Okabe, Chief Financial Officer, Hawaii Pacific Health; Terri Fujii, audit partner, CW Associates Hawaii; and Lehua Pate, company revenue cycle director, Queen’s Medical center.

If interested you can apply online at Schidler.Hawaii.Edu and their dedicated page.