So, there’s a swap meet at the Aloha Bowl on Oahu. I knew about it. People have talked about it. They bus in tourists by the hundreds every Wednesday and Saturday. So, yeah, it’s always been there. Well, it’s been there since 1979, anyways. Much longer than since I’ve moved to Hawaii. I just never went. It never really caught my interest. In truth, I had to be dragged to it. But…DAMN! It’s cool.

The Aloha Swap Meet takes place at the Aloha Bowl. You know, that place where they used to hold the NFL Pro Bowl? I guess the football game will someday be back. I hope so.

It’s the biggest swap meet in Hawaii. There are over 400 vendors. It’s huge. You can find just about anything you want there; from cultural dishes to Hawaiian crafts. If you’re looking for souvenirs like Hawaiian hats, shirts, dresses, shoes, sea shell jewelry, ukuleles, and plants then the Aloha Swap Meet is the place to go.


Admission is $1 for those of us who are over 12 years old. This is probably the place that you want to shop if you’re visiting Hawaii. You definitely want to check out the swap meet before buying all of your Hawaii memorabilia in Waikiki or one of the other touristy locations.

The best thing about the locations is that you can visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial before or after checking out the swap meet because of its location and proximity.


Here’s a tip for the Aloha Swap Meet:

The vendors are formed in a ring around the Aloha Stadium and it’s a long route because you’ll most likely stop at a lot the stalls and vendors to check out their goods and wares. However, don’t buy anything on the first time around the stadium. You’ll often seen more than one vendor selling the same thing or something very similar. Use this knowledge to haggle. You can often say, “well, I saw the same thing over there (point in a random direction) for the same price.” Often, the vendor will come down in price if they know that you’re possibly going to spend your money somewhere else. Also, you can straight up haggle with prices. Just don’t be a jerk about it. 🙂


Directions to the Aloha Swap Meet: (You can refer to the Google Map in this post for a better reference)

There’s even a traffic cam!

For ease of travel and to not fight traffic (especially because you’re getting close to Rail Construction in this area) you should take the bus from Waikiki.

Bus Routes: Take #20 (Airport/Pearlridge) or #47(Waipahu). To return, take #20 or #47 (Waikiki Beach and Hotels).