Surf Conditions in Hawaiisurf-in-hawaii

If you want clean barrels and big waves then Hawaii is your mecca.  If you surf or want to learn then you’ve never really done so until you’ve done it in Hawaii. 

The North Shore holds some of the world’s most famous and coveted surfing communities and contests.

One of the biggest pieces of weather news in Hawaii that you usually don’t here talked about on any other 6 o’clock news in the USA is the next day’s surf report.  (The other is the presence, or lack thereof, of the trade winds.)

In most cases, you’ll find the bigger surf on the North shore of the islands in the winter and on the South shores in the summer months.  However, north shore surf is always going to have bigger big surf than the south.

Ocean Temperature in Hawaiihawaii-surf

You’ll see many articles that claim that people are always amazed at how warm the Hawaii ocean water is.  The opposite was true for me.  I went to Miami Beach on vacation once and couldn’t stand the ocean. It’s was too warm.  It felt icky.  It wasn’t even refreshing.

The Hawaiian water temperature is cool and refreshing, it isn’t cold by any means and it’s easy to just walk in and submerge…no “getting used to the water” needed.  The fact that it was refreshing was a pleasant surprise for me, though.

The ocean temperatures around Hawaii range from about 73 degrees to 80 degrees, depending on what time of year it is with the warmer water being in September and October and the coolest being in February March.