I’m pleased to introduce this weeks Hawaii Resident Interview from the Island of Oahu.

This week’s question and answer session is with Tajinita Kaisa.  Taji is a stay at home mom who works and hard and appreciates living in Hawaii.

I feel that the best way to get a true feeling of what it’s like to live in Hawaii is to ask the people who are already here.  This is our 3rd interview in the series. Please stay tuned next week when we interview a former mainlander who has now made Hawaii her home.

Name:  Tajinita Kaisa

Age: 30

Occupation: Stay at Home Mom


(Move to Hawaii)What’s it like being a resident of Hawaii?

(Taji Kaisa) It’s all right. There’s ups & downs here like everywhere else.

(MtoH) When did you move to Hawaii?  

I was born & raised here. I lived on the west side from birth to age 13, moved to Kapahulu in ’96, bounced back & forth from country to city until 2006.

Country neighborhoods where I grew up was really laid back. We played outside with the neighborhood kids until the street lights were on. We played in the street, in the dirt & chased the manapua truck.

The city neighborhoods that I grew up in were pretty boring. No kids to play with. No manapua trucks.

(MtoH)Why do you love living in Hawaii?

It’s home. The weather is bearable, not too hot, not too cold.

(MtoH)What advice would you have for people thinking of moving to Hawaii?  Cost, Island Fever, etc.

The cost of living here is crazy ridiculous. Come to visit but not to live unless you are very financially stable, smart enough to make money here or a surfer that enjoys a very simple & at times homeless life .

(MtoH)Favorite Hawaiian food? Why?

I love squid luau, depending on how it’s made. I love the combination & taste of the luau leaf & the coconut milk & the texture of the squid. I don’t care too much for the sweet version.

(MtoH)Least favorite Hawaiian food? Why?

My least favorite Hawaiian food would  be haupia, it’s too sweet & doesn’t really have a coconut taste to it.

MtoH)How do you feel about outsiders of “Haoles” moving to and living in Hawaii?

Honestly, I don’t mind at all as long as they’re able to live here peacefully & without any support/assistance from this state, Hawaii can hardly take care of there own residents.