This week’s interview is with a lovely and honest couple from eastern Oahu.

Ruby and Jerel Okumura

Interviews are the best way to get to know Hawaii from the people who truly love the land!

Name:  Ruby and Jerel Okumura

Age:    55, 57               

Occupation: McKinley High School, Driver/Sales


What’s it like being a resident of Hawaii?

(JO) Lots of great traditions.

(RO) I love the weather and close proximity to everything. And that I can ride my bike to work everyday.

When did you move to Hawaii?  

(RO) I grew up in Kailua. We’d leave the doors unlocked so if anyone needed a place to crash for the night they could just come on over.

(JO) East Oahu. All the families knew each other for generations. Everyone took care of everyone else.

Why do you love living in Hawaii?

(both) Best weather on the planet

(JO) and the food

(RO)… Oh and the people

What advice would you have for people thinking of moving to Hawaii?  

(JO) Try to fit in. Like try other foods and get to know the lifestyles of the islands not try to make people fit yours.

(RO) It’s a small island. You will always run into people you know so be friendly.

Favorite Hawaiian food?

(JO) Pipikaula or laulau (pipikaula is kind of like a Hawaiian steak or soft beef jerky. Laulau is a protein wrapped in luau leaves and steamed)

(RO) You need to get a little bit of everything and mix/ eat it all together. The lau lau, poi, lomi salmon… Adobo and sweet sour spear ribs are my favorite“local” foods.

 Least favorite Hawaiian food why?

(RO) Squid luau… It’s texture is too soft and it’s so sweet.

(JO) Ake. I can’t even think about eating it. (The organs)

How do you feel about outsiders of “Haoles” moving to and living in Hawaii?

(RO) Don’t. The island is already over populated as it is.

(JO) It’s okay, as long as they don’t force their lifestyles on us and try to bring their mainland style here.