Name: Kristina Botelho or  “Tina B” to me…

Age: 32  (getting up there!)

Occupation: Healthcare

This weeks interview is with Kristina “Tina B” Botelho.   KB is a transplant from the mainland who has lived in Hawaii, moved away, and then come back for good.  Tina has a unique take on Hawaii life and what it’s to move to Hawaii.  She’s done it twice!  Mahalo, Kristina.

(Move to Hawaii)When did you move to Hawaii? 

(Kristina B) I originally arrived in 2005. I left and came back several times and finally decided to stay permanently in 2013.

Why do you love living in Hawaii?

I love the Aloha Spirit. People seem a lot nicer here than on the east coast. Overall, it’s a beautiful place to live with tons of history, culture, and perfect weather. There’s so much to explore and discover.

What advice would you have for people thinking of moving to Hawaii?  Cost, Island Fever, etc.

  • Arrive with a decent nest egg to start, between $6-10K
  • Live simple. This is not the mainland, housing is much smaller, and the standard of living is very high. Sell as much as you can before you move here.
  • If you like road trips, you might get island fever. I never really have, I’m content with living on an island chain.
  • Be open to new cultures. This place is a melting pot! Make new friends, don’t be shy. You might get invited to some killer beach bbq’s.

Favorite Hawaiian food. Why?

Chicken curry manapua. It’s delicious and easy to eat while driving.

Least favorite Hawaiian food. Why?

I’ve tried to like poi but I just can’t do it.

How do you feel about outsiders of “Haoles” moving to and living in Hawaii?

I don’t mind them as long as they respect the culture and the aina. Live pono, that’s all I’m saying.

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