To continue our Tips on Moving to Hawaii guide, we wanted to next tackle how to choose the best moving company when you do decide to make your move to Hawaii a reality.  Hawaii movers can make or break your move.  The company that you choose can make it a pleasant or horrible experience.

Not all moving companies are created equal and not all moves are going to have the same satisfaction level even among the same company. That’s a fact that is par across the board.  What it really comes down to is consistency and reputation.  If you can find a moving company in Hawaii (or that has a history of moving people to Hawaii) then you’re going to be doing the right thing.

There are some people who rave about certain moving companies and others think that they had the worst experience in the world with the same company.

hawaii-moving-companyGuidelines to Choose the Best Hawaiian Moving Company

1.  Get Written Estimates from at least 3 Moving Companies

I would suggest getting as many written from Hawaii movers estimates as you can but the absolute bottom line should be 3.  This way you can see the difference in prices and if they are all pretty much in the same ballpark then you know that no company is trying to mess with you.  You can also use this as a bidding tool.  “Well, Company quote this price, but you’re quoting this price.  Can you beat it? Why is yours higher?”

2.  Operating License

This goes without saying but in the case of moving to Hawaii it’s all that much more important.  Importing and exporting from the mainland to the Hawaiian Islands is a different animal all together.

3.  Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

What’s going to happen if your stuff shows up damaged or broken?  Make sure you know how to file a complaint in the case of loss or damaged property before signing any agreement.  The Hawaii movers that you choose should have detailed, printed information about their insurance and claims process.

4.  Check the Reputation of the Hawaii movers you’re going to use

A simple Google search for “Hawaii movers” will allow you to read reviews and get a good feel for the type of company that you’re going to be using.  For your convenience we are adding our 5 recommended Hawaii moving companies to this article.  (I am in no way affiliated with, or getting a reward for recommending these companies.  These are just the ones that I know have a good record for moving.  Many of which the military uses to move their families.)

Wanna’ live here? I thought so…

Recommended Hawaii Movers to Check Into

Aloha International Moving Services

91-291 Kaleola Boulevard, D1, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

Telephone:  808-245-6683

Royal Hawaiian Movers

3017 Ualena Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

Telephone:  888-717-6925

Hawaiian Moving

6506 Capistrano Ave, West Hills, California 91307

Telephone:    877-299-6799

Guardian Moving and Storage

1901 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21230

Telephone:  800-245-6775

M. Dyer & Sons, Inc.

98-054 Waiele Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96826

Telephone:  808-456-4200

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