The month of August is when the vacation season starts to wind down in Hawaii.   Young kids have to go back to school, forcing their parents to leave paradise or else have uneducated children.  The college kids who visited Hawaii to be able to brag to their peers about “what they did over the summer” are going to be reporting back to classes.  And vacationers from around the world are telling themselves that summer is over and it’s time to get back to the grind and work towards that next promotion.


It can really throw a monkey wrench into the whole paradise thing that people had going on during their visit to Hawaii.  However, if you’re lucky enough to live in Hawaii or even if you’ve decided to wait until the last minute to return to your real life, Hawaii Festivals don’t stop.   There is still plenty of fun happening around the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii Festivals and Celebrations in the Month of August

Statehood Day


Formerly called “Admission Day”, this holiday takes place on the 3rd Friday in August and celebrates Hawaii becoming the 50th state of the union.  It all happened on August 21st 1959 and it’s a weird holiday in Hawaii.  Government offices are close and it is a state holiday, but you may not know it if you came.  There’s still a Hawaiian purist vs. Statehood battle going on (even this many years later) and it is kind of like the unspoken holiday but with a day off.  It’s not really a Hawaii festival, but it is (well, supposed to be) a celebration.

Aloha Festivals


This is one of the most prominent Hawaii Festivals and events as the Hawaiian culture, customs and the ever present “Aloha Spirit” is showcased.  For more information about the happenings and goings on during this very special day you can visit Aloha Festivals home page.

Made In Hawaii Festival


2014 is the 20th Annual Made in Hawaii Festival and it is sponsored by First Hawaiian Bank.  It is a 3 day showcase of goods, art, wares, fashion, plants and crafts that all have a real or imagined “Made in Hawaii” stamp. The event takes place at the Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall in Honolulu.

Parker Ranch Labor Day Rodeo


This is an annual event that happens every year on the Big Island.  The Parker Ranch is significant to Hawaiian history and culture and the Big Island.  Rodeo events include Team Roping, Double Mugging, Bull Riding and Calf Scramble are some of things that take place. Find out more about this  here.