North Korea has been developing and testing nuclear missiles for decades at this point, despite North Korea’s multiple agreements to either suspend or disband their program. However, since tensions have been rising between North Korea and the United States, the threat of North Korea’s nuclear development program has been growing.

Although the entire country is on edge, Hawaii is in the most legitimate danger. In addition to being the closest state to North Korea, it also has 11 different military bases set up in the state. From a tactical standpoint, an attack on Hawaiian military bases would be a difficult blow for the United States to handle.

In addition, the fallout shelters in Hawaii have not been updated since 1985. The food and supplies in those shelters have been disposed of due to expiration and have not been replaced. In addition, the list of fallout shelters is no longer accurate due to remodeling. Hawaii has very few options for shelter in the case of a nuclear attack.

Hawaii needs to be given adequate fallout shelters in case of a nuclear attack. When North Korea develops the technology, it would only take 20 minutes for a warhead to travel from North Korea to Hawaii.

Admiral Harry Harris spoke to the Department of Defense about the lack of defensive measures available to Hawaii, stating that although they may currently be adequate, they most certainly will not be in the future. Admiral Harris believes that Hawaii should be given an increased number of nuclear interceptors.

However, North Korea does not currently have the technology to support such an attack. Their missile launcher Taepodong-2 can reach 3,700 miles, but Hawaii is 4,500 miles away. In addition, there is no sign to suggest that North Korea has developed a nuclear warhead small enough to be attached to Taepodong-2.

In the long term, Hawaii is in danger from North Korea. Currently, the threat from North Korea is serious, but it is not immediate.

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