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There may be a certain advantage that moving to Hawaii on a semi-permanent condition may have as opposed to just getting up and moving to the Islands with the intent on staying forever.  There are those that would suggest visiting Hawaii prior to deciding that you want to move here.  That’s a good enough suggestion but just staying for 10 to 14 days on one of the Islands is not enough of a reality check to fully gauge whether you’re ready to move to Hawaii permanently.

Visiting Hawaii and living in Hawaii are two totally different things.  Hotel and resort living is NOT living in Hawaii.  Staying with a friend for a few weeks is NOT living in Hawaii.  Island hopping for a month and camping out on the beaches or on hiking trails is NOT living in Hawaii.

Moving to Hawaii on a Semi-Permanent Basis (1 Year)

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  1. It’s enough of a commitment to know that you won’t be able to just pack up a suitcase and drop everything if you have one bad Hawaiian day.
  2. It allows you to know for sure if you like the weather. Hot weather all year round sounds good to many but some grow weary of it.
  3. Where will your money come from? Moving to Hawaii for one year gives you plenty of time to compare the job market to the job that you can get to your living expenses to the cost of living in Hawaii permanently.
  4. One year may give you enough time to get past the “I love everything about Hawaii”-stage and possibly find some (or many things) that you really don’t like about living in the Islands and the dreaded “Island Fever”.
  5. It’s probably enough time to no longer feel like a tourist and instead begin to get a little bit aggravated at all the tourists on the roads or crowding your favorite beach or hiking trail.

There are so many things about living in Hawaii to consider that you may change your mind once you actually do move to Hawaii.  50% of all visitors and tourists consider what it would be like to live in Hawaii.  5% of those actually make an effort to move to Hawaii and only 2% of that will actually arrive on the islands with an intent to live here.  Out of that remaining 2% that actually do move to Hawaii, about 70% of them will be back living on the mainland within 1 year.  Check out our Moving to Hawaii Guide for more information and articles about your decision.

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moving to Hawaii lani beach


  1. howzabout have you considered staying on the mainland because we don’t need anymore people moving here? k thx

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