dunkin-donuts-returns-to-hawaiiTwo years and 3 months ago, when I arrived on Oahu to live, I was shocked to find out that there was not even one Dunkin’ Donuts on the entire Island. I heard tales from locals about how “there used to be one”, but it had gone away.  I’ve heard that it didn’t do well and packed up and I’ve also heard that it actually did do well (or seemed to) but just closed one day.

I don’t know what’s true as far as the fate of the mysterious Dunkin’ Donuts.  Just accept that it was a sad fact  that there wasn’t one and that I was very, very disappointed.

So disappointed, in fact, that I actually messaged the Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook page letting them know how bummed I was.  They responded with 3 pounds of Dunkin’ coffee.  That was awesome.  However, it’s nothing when compared to entering those doors and ordering an “extra large, regular”.  (That’s cream and sugar to us in New England, and it actually goes like this: “Extra laaahge, regula'”)

To make matters worse, all the time that I was missing Dunkin’ Donuts, I was actually posting pictures of beautiful Hawaii on Facebook to my friends and family in the northeast…and, well, they were getting a little upset and jealous.  They retaliated by sending me photos of them drinking Dunkin’ Donuts, ordering Dunkin’ Donuts…and someone actually sent me a Dunkin’ Donuts winter hat.

It was excruciatingly fun.

I endured for more than 2 years without a daily dose of Dunkin’ to get me runnin’ in the morning. And, well, America runs on Dunkin’.  Then I did the worst.   I fell in love with another coffee.

I started to drink more and more Starbucks.  I started to enjoy Starbucks, especially they’re small, crop coffees or whatever they call them.  I even have the damned Starbucks app.  I committed coffee adultery.

Then, I woke up this morning and my heart skipped a beat as I learned that my first love was coming back to town. From Hawaii News Now, the headline jumped out at me:

Dunkin’ Donuts returning to Hawaii with 15 new locations

Oh.  My breath caught.  A lump formed in my throat.  Was I sad?  Happy?  I was overcome with emotion, that’s for sure.StarvsDDcup

My Facebook and email were lit up all day with people telling me they were “happy for me” and “who’s happier than you right now? winky emoticon”  My girlfriend text me the link to the article with a “Uh Oh, your Dunkin’ Donut’s loyalty is about to be tested”.

Here’s the entirety of the article that I read.  It’s not much, but it’s all I needed…

Hawaii will get more donut and coffee options come 2017 with over a dozen new Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants opening up statewide.

Dunkin’ Donuts announced Monday that it signed an agreement with Aloha Petroleum to develop 15 new restaurants on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. The announcement said the first restaurant would open by 2017.

Dunkin’ Donuts, which has restaurants all over the Mainland, is best known for its donuts and various coffee drinks. It was founded in 1950.

But, what kind of man am I?  Do I run back to my first love because she is suddenly back in my life?  Either way, she has some ‘splainin’ to do!  And what about, dear, sweet, hippy Starbucks who was there for me for more than 2 years and who I grew to love; the people, the brand, the coffee.  What about her?

What kind of man am I?  Will two-time?  Will I only visit the other and make no mention of my visitations to their rival?  What if one is the downfall of the other on Island?  Who’s side do I take then?  And can I really trust Dunkin’ Donuts not to run out on me again at the first sign of trouble?  These are the questions that will keep me up at night.

All I know is that Dunkin’ Donuts is back.  And Starbucks has been here.  And I love them both.