hawaiian employmentUnless you’re really well off then you’re probably going to have to work when you move to Hawaii.  The cost of living is among the highest in the nation and most people who have lived on the Islands their whole life will still struggle to afford housing.

That’s why being able to find a job on Hawaii is important to most people who are moving to the Islands and being able to afford the cost of living.

Now, there are some exceptions.  If you’re moving to Hawaii and plan on living off of a retirement fund, pension, trust fund or savings then you may need only to find a part-time job.  As long as you have good grasp of budgeting and some discipline then you can definitely do it.  Getting the right house or apartment that is affordable is important if you’re going to do that.

Finding a full-time job that is something that you want to do, with good benefits and the kind of job that you did on the mainland of the US (or wherever you’re moving from) may be a little bit more challenging.

hawaiian jobsThere are two main reasons:

Oahu is the “busiest” of the islands.  You know, Waikiki and Honolulu (the state capitol) provide a lot of bustle and business.  The problem is that those jobs are really hard to come by.  There are locals, students and retiring military that suck up a lot of those positions.

The other islands just aren’t as busy.  Sure, Hawaii and Maui have large tourists industries but aside from that and farming then finding employment elsewhere is going to be a challenge.

Tips for Getting a Job in Hawaii

  1. Prepare ahead of time.  Don’t arrive in Hawaii and decide to start looking for a job then.  You should be sending out resumes and researching companies months in advance.  If you make it a point to let the businesses that you’re applying to know your estimated arrival date then it should not pose too much of a problem and may actually help as they could have employees leaving or retiring in the future and they are looking ear.
  2. Use Social Media.  Get a free account on LinkedIn, fill out all of the areas of skills, degrees and past work experience as job hawaiimuch as possible and let people start finding you. Again, place your move to Hawaii and the date that you’re moving in the profile.  You’ll start connecting in no time.  If needed, hire someone to help you with your LinkedIn profile for keywords and accessibility.  Facebook, Twitter and Google + can also help you find jobs in Hawaii by networking, too.  There are profiles and pages that are specific to Hawaii employment that are easy to find with a quick search.
  3. Start Networking.  You’ll quickly establish an online network.  Hopefully, you know people in Hawaii or have some contacts.  Don’t be embarrassed to have them start putting feelers and the word out that you’re coming and keeping their ears and eyes open for opportunities that may be opening up.
  4. Reaching out to Businesses.  If you have  some idea of the type of company that you want to work for, or a specific business in mind, then reach out directly to see if they’re hiring in the near future.  If they are or are not, ask if it would be okay to send them a resume or CV.  You never know when you’re name might pop up on the top of the list.
  5. .  Indeed.com and Hawaii Jobs on Demand are excellent sources for finding jobs on the Hawaiian Islands.

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