Just like many natives around the world, the Hawaiians have stories that explain everything their world. They have used them for thousands of years to explain the Lava flow or volcanic eruptions, and the formations of their islands. The stories are full of love, passion, betrayal, and even death. We have collected a few of those stories in the following list of 8 Myths about Hawaii.

  1. Pele is Only Appeased With Gifts


Hawaiians believe in a volcanic goddess named Pele. It is said that if you meet her, you need to greet her with aloha and offer her a gift or offer her something sweet and delicious. She appears either as an old woman with white hair or a beautiful young woman dressed in red. If you want to appease her completely, then you have to go to the Halema’um crater and offer her food, gin, and flowers.

  1. The Dragon Goddess and Puna

Hawaiians believe in two goddesses named Kihawahine and Haumea. When the time came to get married, the two of them chose to marry the chief of Oahu, named Puna. However, neither of them had confided in the other of their decisions. Haumea was the first one to marry him. Then Kihawahine tricked Puna to follow her to a secret cave. He thought she was taking him to a perfect surfing spot. When They got to the cave, she forced him to marry her, and They stayed “married” for a while. That is when Puna realized that Kihawahine was a dragon goddess with a hot and cruel temper. Luckily for Puna, his brother in law was able to help him. He escaped and got reunited with his wife. Kihawahine did not give up but still looks for him.

  1. The Red Lehua Blossoms

The Hawaiians have a myth about two young lovers named Ohia and Lehua. It is said that one day Pele fell in love with Ohia and wanted to marry her, but Ohia rejected her. Pele then decided to turn Ohia into an ugly twisted tree to separate him from his love Lehua. Pele ignored Lehua’s pleas to get Ohia changed back; that is when other gods felt sorry for her and turned her into a beautiful flower and placed her on the tree that was Ohio. Now They could be happily together. That is why when the Lehua flowers have not been plucked, the weather is always sunny and fair but it rains if They get plucked. Those are Lehua’s tears because she cannot handle getting separated from her love.

  1. The Menehune Creatures
Another Menehune carving?

These are mysterious dwarf-like creatures that leave deep in the lush forests, far away from human civilization. However, They are not primitive. Instead, They possess excellent craftsmanship that allowed them to construct a Fish Pond called Menehune in a single night.

  1. Hawaiian Lava Rocks

It is believed that if you dare to take the Lava Rocks home; Pele will trick you with great misfortunes till you return the stones. Nobody knows if it’s true or not but each year, may visitors send back packages of sand or Rocks back to the island to relieve themselves of bad luck.

  1. The Hog

Kama Pua’a was a powerful king who was also a monster that caused a lot of destruction. It is said that he could change his shape and then make the water and wind to obey him. One day he made a journey to the pit of Pele where Pele lived with her followers. Pele and Kama Pua’a got married only for a short period because Pele could not handle his habits and hog instincts. The two then had a fight and Pele called streams of Lava while Kama Pua’a called in the ocean. Pele then summoned the help of the underwater gods, and the Hog kind had to surrender. The Hog King had to surrender; he then changed himself to a fish. That Ffish is the humuhumunukunukuapuaa. It has a thick skin that allows it to swim boiling waves to reach the ocean depths, which are its home. The legends say the Fish does make the grunts similar to those of hog.

  1. Crossing With Pork to Pali

Hawaiian natives believe that Pele and a demi-god named Kamapua’a who is half pig and half man were lovers then had a nasty breakup. They agreed never to make contact or ever meet again. That is why people are not able to take pork across the Pali Highway, which divides Oahu’s windward side from Honolulu. Making that crossing with pork means that you are symbolically reuniting the two by taking Kamapua’a to the other side of the island. They say if you try, your car will stall and a senior woman will appear with a dog. The only way to get your car started is first to feed the pork to that dog.

  1. Night Marchers


The Night Marchers are believed to be spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors that got cursed made to march the island for all eternity. Hawaiians believe that They march in a single line while carrying torches, weapons, and playing drums. They say if you do not lie on the ground facing downwards when They pass, They will take that as a sign of disrespect and kill you.

Those are the 8 Myths about Hawaii that make it one of the most interesting states to visit. Who wouldn’t like to try myth number five and see what happens?

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