Holy Crap!  It’s the 9th of December 2014 as I write this post and Christmas is coming up so fast.  It’s almost to the point the whole season is here and screaming past.  Actually, that’s a good thing in my opinion.  I love Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the time up to-and all way through-New Year’s Day.  The part of Christmas that I’m not really a fan of is the “now”.  The time between Thanksgiving and January 1st: Black Friday, Christmas songs on every radio channel.  Everyone trying to make a buck or buy something for everyone they know.  It’s a hassle.

So, how is that for some Christmas cheer!  Still, it’s my first Christmas in Honolulu and I’m trying to find some fun stuff to do that will make it a memorable one.  I’m interested in the kind of stuff that is purely Hawaiian in nature and will give it a truly “first Christmas ever in Honolulu” feel.

Take a look at the events we’ve gathered for the Christmas season in Honolulu after the Did You Know block below, but take some time to listen to the great song by Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters along the way…

Did You Know:

Mele Kalikimaka is the traditional Hawaiian “Merry Christmas” greeting.  Most people know that because of the famous song.  What lots of people don’t know is that Mele Kalikimaka is actually a phonetic translation of the words Merry Christmas.

When the New England missionaries came to Hawaii and started teaching native Hawaiians the English language (they were really bad teachers, by the way) the native tongue had difficulty in pronouncing  Merry Christmas and it became “Mele Kalikimaka” which was a lot easier to pronounce and flowed more naturally off of the tonge.

Christmas Time Events in Honolulu

Jingle Rock Run

December 21

Starting Location:  330 Cooke Street, Honolulu

Hawaii Wish org

This is the 2nd Annual Jingle Rock Run in Honolulu and it’s coordinated by Hawaii.wish.org.  You can sponsor or participate and make someone’s wish come true.   Participating means that you can walk or run the 5k route and enjoy the time alone, with friends or your entire family.  The route which takes you through shiny Downtown Christmas lights of the Kaka’ako area, past Honolulu Hale and back to the finish line at Mother Waldron Park.

Blaisdell Center Christmas Events: 

Address:  777 Ward Avenue, Honolulu 96814


I was excited to find some really awesome events at the Blaisdell Center.  I shouldn’t be surprised, though.  The Blaisdell usually has some really great things going on at all times, so Christmas in Honolulu is possibly even…err…awesomer…

Honolulu Gift Fair 2014 in the Exhibition Hall 1:00PM to 9:00PM-If you’re looking for authentic Hawaiian gifts to send to friends and family on the mainland then the Honolulu Gift Fair is the  to get  them in plenty of time for Christmas.  (You won’t find these kinds of authentic items on Amazon!)

The Nutcracker Ballet Hawaii 2:00PM on 21 December-Boom!  I’m not really into the theatre and live, play and ballet performances.  However, I’m not embarrassed to admit that The Nutrcracker is a beautiful ballet/play and it’s really moving…in my opinion.

Honolulu Farmers Market on the Concert Hall Lawn 4:00PM to 7:00PM (Christmas Eve Shopping Alert!)  Your very last chance to get authentic, local crafts, creations and fresh food before the holiday.  I think this is a great option for a Christmas Eve outing with the family or a date.  Stay out of the bars, the clubs and the malls and enjoy a more quaint shopping experience.

Honolulu Magazine published an article on where to eat out for Christmas in Honolulu which was really great.  I’ll link it below. instead of just rehashing what they said but there are a lot of great places that you’ll have the chance to eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Not my thing, but if you’re looking to eat out and avoid the commotion and craziness of laying out a big Christmas meal then this is the article you’ve been looking for.

Mele Kalimaka and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and everything else that is politically correct these days…  Enjoy your family and stay safe throughout the season!  

As a parting gift:  Here’s my favorite Mele Kalikimaka video featuring Clark W. Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!