best time of year to visit hawaii

There is sure to be a best time of year for people to visit Hawaii.  It just all matters on what a person really wants to get out of their stay.  The weather is different at certain times of the year.  The Islands are less or more busy depending on what time of year people visit.  The surf is bigger in different locations during certain seasons.

But…there is only one cheapest time to visit Hawaii during any year.

So, when is that time?

The cheapest time to visit Hawaii, in an airline and hotel regard, is mid-August through the beginning of December.  This is the cheapest time of the year to fly and visit Hawaii every year.

Why is that the Cheapest Time to Visit Hawaii?Hawaii-hotel-deals

  1. Families with kids who have to be in school have to be back in their home town towards the end of August to get ready for the start of the new school year.  College kids have to stop their adventuring in Hawaii to get back to class.  That time of year is also the end of summer work vacation season for singles or couples who don’t have children.
  2. People want to come to Hawaii during Christmas and New Year’s for the dream Holiday vacation.  And then, you roll into Valentine’s Day for the romantic couples.  So, the tourism season starts to pick up again after the second week of December.
  3. After that, it’s all downhill.  Then we run into the heavy winter months and people start flocking to Hawaii for some thawing out from the deep freeze of winter in many regions of the northern US and all around the world.

How Does the Lull in Travel Equate to Hawaii Deals?

Plainly, said, no industry likes to take massive losses.  The airlines and hotel industry know that they’re going to make less moneyhawaiian-airlines-deals on Hawaii travelers from August to December.  It’s the same every year so they work it into their annual fiscal planning.

So, the deals are there.

But then it gets better.

If the slow travel season to Hawaii sees an unprecedented even slower travel season, say for unseasonably warm temperatures on the mainland then they’ll need to lower the prices even more.

Airlines need to out “butts in seats” and the hotels need to put “heads in beds”.  If either of them are going to have empty seats or beds, then all hell breaks loose and they start slashing the prices.

Airlines make ZERO money with empty seats.  Hotels make ZERO money with empty beds.  They lose if they don’t fill them up.

When to Look for Hawaii Travel Deals

The best time to look for Hawaii vacation packages or deals is always.  However, to get ready for the slow season then airlines and hotels will start promoting deals at the beginning of the summer (mid-May to late July).  During this time you can expect to pay around $300 to $400 dollars for airfare from West Coast cities and about $300 more for flights from the east coasts.

As far as hotels go it really depends on how high or low end of accomodations that you’re looking for. Generally, though during the slow season you can expect to pay $75 to $125 per night at a decent hotel, as opposed to $110 to $230 during the busy seasons.