double rainbow

There’s not much to not like about Hawaii weather.  In my opinion, it’s perfect.  You really have to visit or live here to know what I
mean, though.  Even on the bad days, like if it’s raining, it’s still going to be around 75 degrees and balmy. 

The summers are beautiful, especially if the Hawaiian trade winds are just right.  You can sit on the beach all day in the sun and trade winds will keep you cool enough to be perfectly comfortable.  The ocean water is refreshing but not cold.  Island life is pretty awesome.

Below we will go over some characteristics of the weather in Hawaii.


Hawaii is very green.  It is always raining somewhere on the islands and that rain provides for the beauty of the life that grows and resides in Hawaii.  It is not uncommon for rain to be gently falling and the sun to be bright in the sky.  Also, a pleasant called kilihune in hot, sunny weather is beautiful and refreshing.  Hilo, on the big island, is the wettest city in the US.  In contrast, there are some areas of the islands that receive less than 6 inches of rainfall per year.

Bright, Strong Sun

Hawaii is close to the equator and close to the sun.  Couple that with the beautiful, clean air that resides around Hawaii that means there is very little filter that the sun needs to pass through on a clear day.  It is important to wear a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin.  If you do happen to get burned then you can locate a local aloe plant and gently rub the gooey liquid on your skin as an instant relief.  There are also aloe lotions that you can buy in stores.

Strong Winds

The last Hurricane to actually hit the Hawaiian Islands was in 1992.  That being said, there is a hurricane season in Hawaii that runs from the front end of June and through November.  While hurricanes are rare, the strong trade winds can make for some very interesting tropical storms on the islands.


When most people think tropical, they think humidity.  Sure, if you’re from a dry or landlocked environment then you may notice that your skin feels more replenished and generally more dampness in the air.  Hawaii, however, is lucky.  With the cooling trade winds the humidity is more than bearable and, in fact, adds to the beauty of the weather.  Sometimes, when the trade winds die down then it may just slightly more uncomfortable.

humidity in hawaii