Top 10 Reasons to Move to Hawaii (Infographic)

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The Price of Paradise and Who Would Hate Living in Hawaii

You can’t make people like living in Hawaii.  That’s something that I’m learning the hard way. Here’s the deal:  I’m finding that either you love this place and decide you never want to leave or...

Hawaii Resident Weekend Interview (Jade Buffell)

Our Hawaiian resident of the week (and Moveto-Hawaii reader) is Jade Buffell of Oahu.  Jade has lived on Oahu her entire life, except of brief stints on the mainland.  What better way to get...

The Cost of Living in Hawaii

There’s just some information that you need to know when you’re moving to Hawaii.  Oh, you’re still coming. Nothing can get in the way of your dream of living paradise, right?  The cost of renting...

Hawaiian Real Estate Quick Guide

You’ve always heard that when it comes to buying real estate, it’s all about location.  Well, Hawaiian real estate is heavy on location.  Mountain side, ocean front, mountain view, ocean view, etc.  You name...

Hawaii Resident Weekend Interview (Kristina Botelho)

Name: Kristina Botelho or  "Tina B" to me... Age: 32  (getting up there!) Occupation: Healthcare This weeks interview is with Kristina "Tina B" Botelho.   KB is a transplant from the mainland who has lived in Hawaii,...