One of my favorite parts about living in Hawaii is the people. I appreciate the fact that most of the kama’aina (translated literally from Hawaiian to mean “child of the land”) have a deep love of the land and highly respect where they live. They realize how lucky they are to live in Hawaii. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love living in Hawaii so much that I actually have selfish reasons for talking and meeting as many locals as I can. I want to learn about Hawaii, her history and how I can convince you that living in Hawaii is a dream come true. I feel the best way to do that is to ask lots of questions. And, here, I pass the important answers they give to me onto you.


Hawaii Resident Weekend Interview (Kristina Botelho)

Name: Kristina Botelho or  "Tina B" to me... Age: 32  (getting up there!) Occupation: Healthcare This weeks interview is with Kristina "Tina B" Botelho.   KB is a transplant from the mainland who has lived in Hawaii,...

Hawaii Resident Weekend Interview (Tajinita Kaisa)

I'm pleased to introduce this weeks Hawaii Resident Interview from the Island of Oahu. This week's question and answer session is with Tajinita Kaisa.  Taji is a stay at home mom who works and hard...

Hawaii Resident Weekend Interview (Ruby and Jerel Okumura)

This week's interview is with a lovely and honest couple from eastern Oahu. Interviews are the best way to get to know Hawaii from the people who truly love the land! Name:  Ruby and Jerel Okumura Age:...

Hawaii Resident Weekend Interview (Jade Buffell)

Our Hawaiian resident of the week (and Moveto-Hawaii reader) is Jade Buffell of Oahu.  Jade has lived on Oahu her entire life, except of brief stints on the mainland.  What better way to get...