I kept my feet up all weekend at Ko’Olina!

It bewildered me for a while.  Seriously, though, it’s like an addiction now.

  • The Ko Olina Lagoons are about a 35 minute drive from our house in Honolulu and that’s if there’s no traffic on the entire route.  There are places that are closer.
  • Ko Olina Lagoons have some decent snorkeling opportunities on a good day, but nothing that I’d call “great snorkeling”.  I did see my first sea turtle there upon moving to Hawaii but I’ve seen lots more honu at Hanauma Bay, Lanikai Beach and Shark’s Cove-all of which I would say have much better snorkeling than Ko’Olina.

Green Sea Turtle KoOlina Lagoons

  • Sure, Ko’Olina has the JW Marriot and the Disney Aulani which make it real convenient to have to great bars, restaurants and even a Starbucks on site.  But, seriously, as good as the food and the drinks are…they’re resort prices.  Big money for big money people.  Not usually my thing.
  • I guess there’s  always the connection that that Ko’Olina has with Kapolei for me.  Kapolei has, in my opinion the best Pho restaurant on the Island at Pho’ 808.  Still, there’s good Pho closer.

Why the hell do I keep going to Ko’Olina?   It dawned on me today.

It’s the variety that it offers.  Not only from any other place that I like to frequent on Oahu, but also the variety that is has within itself.

ko olina lagoon

Today was a great example of that:

We arrived late, around 10 a.m.   The typical, big beach parking was full so I was going to go to my back up plan as per usual:  Drop whoever I was with off close to a lagoon and let them carry what we needed.  Then drive to the Disney Aulani valet area and say that I was meeting my fiance’s father for coffee and wedding planning. (Genius because so many wedding happen at Ko’Olina.)

However, when I went to drop the wife off, I found a little parking lot next the Aulani that I didn’t know existed.  It’s closer to the lagoon that we prefer and after a 5 minute wait…I was parked.

When we first arrived, my wife and I were going to try lagoon number 1 but we decided that it was too crowded (I mean, if there’s one complaint I have about lagoon #1 it is: “How many kids, paddlboards, floaties and kayaks can you fit into one damn lagoon?)

Sunset Ko’olina

So, we got up and left and went to lagoon #2 (Honu lagoon).  It’s that easy in Ko’Olina.  Don’t like the piece of paradise you have because you’re spoiled and you think there’s too many paddleboards around…then just take your whiny little butt to another piece of paradise.)

After a little snorkeling, and testing out my Sony Action Cam by turtle watching (yes, I saw one…I’m the Honu Hawanawana (turtle whisperer).  Anyway, I got hungry.  So, where to eat:  JW Marriott and Longboards or ‘Ama ‘Ama at the Disney Aulani?  We decided on ‘Ama ‘Ama and while I did pay an butt load of money for lunch, the food was great and the service was impeccable.  (Don’t listen to some of the negative hype that you read on other blogs  and review sites…the Disney Aulani restaurants have got it going on.  You get what you pay for and in this case that’s a good thing.)

So, if you couple all of that versatility and variety with:  public accommodations that are clean, awesome scenery, killer sunsets, great beer, perfect water, constant turtle-sightings, the chance of monk seals, the excitement of shelling and the activity…you can see why I can’t stay away from Ko’Olina!

Have you ever been?  Let me know what you think below!  (For the love of Zeus, if you read this leave a comment and let me know you were here!)

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