Go-Oahu-Card-review Yes, the Go Oahu Card can save you up to 55% off Oahu attractions  when you visit the island and if you’re going be vacationing in and around Honolulu and Waikiki. The card even has a lot of ways to save money when NOT in the immediate vicinity of the city and Waikiki. That being said, if you’re whole aim in going to Hawaii is to read a book and chill at the beach (and repeat) then the Go Oahu Card may not be for you. Take a look at the image below: Go-Oahu-Card-price-examples

Here’s how this plays out and where the Go Oahu Card can Save You Money in Hawaii:

As an adult (13 years and older) you can buy a 3-day, Go Oahu Card for 165.74 (at the sale price…which is never ending) and a child will cost you $140.24. Those 3 days do not need to be consecutive but MUST be used within a two week period and presented to the participating attraction between 9 am and 5:30 pm. Not a bad deal.  If you’re on Oahu for 7 to 10 days then you can use the card for any three days within that time frame.  That means if you’re going to be hitting the attractions one day and then at the beach the next and then back on the sight-seeing train the next (and so on) then you have yourself a nice little money savings card, right? Maybe. It really matters how active you are.  If you use the card to hit one attraction one day and then you stop, well…that’s your day of the card.  You really have to hustling a little bit to save money. Below is a screen shot from actual use of the Go Oahu Card and the savings incurred from Young and Thrifty: (With a 5 day Go Oahu Card) Go Oahu Card Review As you can see, the Go Oahu Card saved the user $190 over that 5 days! ($375 in savings minus the $185 for the Go Oahu Card equals $190). Awesome, right?!  Sure.  If you’re going to be that active…and that’s a busy 5 days, in my opinion. Now, imagine that for a couple.  $750 in savings minus the 2, 5-day Go Oahu Cards for $370 equaling a TOTAL savings of  $380. Not bad at all for a young, active couple.

When Do I NOT Recommend the Go Oahu Card:

I do not recommend the Go Oahu Card for people:

Who want to spend most of the time on the beach and less time sight-seeing. For couples that want to sight-see but do not have an itinerary in mind for the participating Go Oahu Card attractions and deals. (Over 30 Oahu Attractions, Tours, Museums, Activities & Sights for 1 Low Price are included with the Go Oahu Card! ) For families with young children.  While the savings are there, you just can’t be sure if you can drag the kids to enough places to get your money’s worth. Ditto the above for people who just aren’t capable of hitting a lot of attractions in a short amount of time. For more information check out Go Select Oahu: Your Personalized Pass to Hawaii! or hit me up with questions using the comments form below or the contact form on the About page.