I got the chance to visit the North Shore this past Tuesday just as the large swell was starting to build.  It was pretty awesome to see as it was the first really large swell that I actually got a chance to see.  At one point, my daughter Jessica was surprised by a wave as we were standing on a piece of shore between Waimea Bay and Haleiwa.  Needless to say it reminded both of us to never turn your back to the Hawaiian waters.  They can surprise you in a second.

The entire swell was causes by a storm that originated in Russia, off the Kamchatkan Peninsula during the weekend and latter half of the previous week.  A reminder of how “small” the world is and how events halfway across the globe can affect us where we live.

I had fun taking them.  Most of them are from the area from Shark’s Cove (part of Pupukea Beach Park) and Haleiwa Beach.  The swell got a lot of attention on the news and in cell phones as many of us got the severe weather alert seen below:


Enjoy the photos and always be careful on any beach in Hawaii.  I can tell you that the images give no real credit to the power of the ocean…and I wasn’t getting any closer than necessary.