best time of year to visit hawaiiThere is a cheapest and more affordable time to visit Hawaii.  Of course, there are lulls in travel and activity everywhere.  Even in Paradise.  However, maybe you’re not really thinking about money.  Maybe you just want to make sure that you arrive in Hawaii, as a vacation or change of residence at just the right time of year for your liking. 

When to Visit Hawaii:  Which Season Suits You?

December through March (Winter)

This season in Hawaii is marked by big surf, ultimate whale watch tours and the perfect escape from the frigid temperatures in some areas of the US and the world.    The day time temperature in Hawaii at this time of year usually averages around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Not too hot, not too cool at night…just right.

This is also the season that it seems everyone wants to visit Hawaii.  Whether it is Christmas, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day…people are swarming to the islands for weather, romance and dreams vacations.  It will be a little more difficult to find accommodations and flights at this time.  This is NOT the cheapest time to visit Hawaii.

Incidentally, this is the time of year that my family and I arrived on the Oahu.

March through June (Spring)humpbackwhale_noaa_large

Average temperatures in the upper 70’s, there is also a good chance for some breezy, cool nights during this season.

If money is an issue, then this is the season when you’ll want to visit Hawaii.  It’s the lull season and hotels and airlines know it.  Jump on some good prices early because soon after there will be familiies with school kids who are released for the summer converging on the Islands.

There is also a week long Hula Festival and Competition on the Big Island called the Merrie Monarch Festival.

June through September (Summer)

The highlight of this season, in my opinion, are the mangos.  They’re ripe and for the picking.  There are mango trees everywhere on the islands and they’re also sold at street side stands.  Buy ‘em and use them anyway you want to; smoothies, cocktails, breakfast or a beach snack.

Temperatures hit the high 80s and lots of families are on vacation.  That means locals and visitors are packing the beaches and trying to cool down.

September through December (Fall)

Good rates at hotels unless you’re trying to book during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Muggy days and a little extra rain are mitigated with the warmest ocean temperatures of the year with sea temps topping at around 80 degrees on many days.

Remember, there is really no bad time of year to visit Hawaii!  And, also to note, that Hawaii only really had two season, summer and winter.  The seasons talked about above are in reference to a climate that will have all four seasons to escape from!


  1. Thanks for sharing; it’s always hard to determine when the best time to visit is. I’ve visited lots of places in the “off season” and seen just as many people as in the other seasons.

    Perhaps I’ll take my Amex points and transfer them to Hawaiian and book an award flight! Right now there’s a bonus on transfers which is awesome.

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