I’ve been spending a lot of time in Pearl City on Oahu recently and I’m starting to like the place a lot.  To be honest, when I first moved to Hawaii in January of 2014 I almost got housing in Pearl City but at the time it just wasn’t right.  Actually, it just wasn’t what I was looking for in regard to living in Hawaii.  I wanted the Waikiki experience of living…and that was never going to happen.  Moving to Hawaii isn’t an easy thing to do and finding a decent area that isn’t Waikiki is even more difficult.  You’ll need a place with lots to offer, away from the city and safe to live.  Pearl City is a pretty decent option.

The more time I spend in Pearl City, though, the more I realize how much the area has to offer. There’s a lot to do, it’s close to military bases, and has some places to eat that rival the locations in Waikiki.  There’s plenty of shopping and close to major roadways in case you want to go to different areas of Oahu.  Not going to lie, though, the traffic in the mornings heading towards Honolulu or trying to get on H3 to head towards Kaneohe and Kailua is a lot of hell to put up with.  And it’s the same for going in the opposite direction in the afternoons.

My Personal Favorite Features of Pearl City

Below is a screen shot from Areavibe and a livability score for living in Pearl City.  Sorry that the image is not able to be clicked and followed.  I’ve notified the admin at Areavibes that the widget doesn’t work but it hasn’t been fixed as of yet.

Livability Pearl City Oahu courtesy of Areavibes.