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Napili-Honokowai is one of those places that has it all, as far as Island Living and Paradise goes.  According to some ratings, Napili-Honokowai is actually the best place to live in the entire state of Hawaii.  There’s a lot to be said for that.  I mean, the best place to live in what could possibly the best state to live is a pretty hefty achievement.

With a tiny population of only 7,261, according to the latest US Census data, this town could be considered “quaint” but what does that really mean in a state with really only one city?

Napili-Honokowai Income Data for Age, Income and Housing


  • The median resident age in Napili-Honokowai is 38.3 years in comparison to 39.6 years for the rest of Hawaii.
  • The median household income in 2012 was $58,692 (up from $51,300 in 2000) and is slightly lower than the rest of Hawaii which sits at $66,259.
  • Median Gross Rent:  $1231
  • Median Cost of house or condo:  $366,293 (rest of the state is $496,600)

According to, Napili-Honokowai has a livability score of 79.  Much like the rest of Hawaii, the town gets the grade of “A” for weather and housing and “F” in cost of living.  Interesting to note that Napili-Honokowai’s education system only rated a “C” and only ranked #36 of best places to live in Hawaii, however, we disagree.

You can decide for yourself, though, if Napili-Honokowai is for you.  We’ve provided the information below to help you.

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