living-in-ewa-beachIf you’ve ever vacationed in Hawaii, you probably loved it so much that you would just move here if you had the opportunity to. Many tourists that visit Hawaii have the same thoughts. It comes with no surprise, Hawaii is a lovely place and it stays lovely year-round. 

But vacationing here for several days, weeks even, does not give you a realistic feel of what it would be like living in Hawaii’s society. Hawaii is a very beautiful place to live with its year-round tropical sunshine, warm weather, lush greenery, and picture perfect beaches for you to enjoy whenever you want when living here. But that’s what you see as a tourist, not as a resident. 

Being a resident is a whole other thing to consider other than the cost of living and finding a job to pay for those costs. Living in Hawaii entails that you become a part of Hawaii’s society. Hawaii is like any other societal place. There’s going to be the ghettos, the crime, the problems, the homelessness issues, drug issues, politics, dark and cloudy days, hurricanes, traffic (and boy do we have traffic problems – on Oahu that is), so on and so forth. I’m not trying to be cynical and deter you from moving to an overall wonderful place, but it’s just the reality of living anywhere. 

So before you head back home from your Hawaii vacation and start selling your stuff, quit your job, and ship your belongings to the island, maybe you should do a little more due diligence. If you’re are really serious about moving to Hawaii, perhaps you should consider living in Hawaii for one year or on a semi-permanent basis. That way you’ll get a real feel of not only living in Hawaii, but becoming a part of Hawaii’s society. 

Become a Permanent Hawaii Tourist  

Of course it depends where in Hawaii you choose to reside in that will determine your quality of living. 

Here’s a tip: There are tourist destinations and resort areas that you can live in, for a short or long period of time, that are comparable to prices of a single family home in the general Hawaii living areas.

Ko'Olina Sunset
Ko’Olina Sunset

One of those places is in Ko Olina on the island of Oahu. West of the island, it is located in the city of Kapolei which is said to become the “2nd City” of Oahu (Honolulu being the 1st). 

Ko Olina is a privately owned vacation destination that also has residential real estate that you can purchase, rent, or even invest in. For more info, you can check out the guys at Ko Olina Vacation Rentals as they handle anything there from Ko Olina beach villa vacation rentals to short and long term property rentals, perfect for trying out the Hawaii living lifestyle. 

In Ko Olina there are hotels, restaurants, a golf clubhouse, and small shopping areas that you can work at. Although it may not feel like work since you’re surrounded by beautiful landscapes, walking distance away from the lagoons, and you’ll mainly be working with tourists. You’re basically a permanent Hawaii tourist! 

I’m sure there are other places to reside in Hawaii to become a “permanent tourist”, you just have to do your research. Or just continue on visiting us here for more insights and tips on moving to Hawaii!