Sunset Ko’olina

We have visitors for the next couple of weeks here in Hawaii. It would seem that when you live in Hawaii then you get a lot more people who want to come and visit.  It’s fun…but it’s exhausting, too!  The good news, though, is that of all the people who tell you they’re going to come and visit…the percentage of those that actually travel from mainland to Hawaii is very low.

Today we headed out to Sharks Cove…where the surf was waaaay to high and the water was too turned up to snorkel.  I’ll say this:  When in doubt…go to Hanauma Bay for usually constant conditions for great snorkeling.  It may not be off the beaten path and there may be a lot visitors but you can’t beat the conditions on most days.


After Sharks Cove we headed to Hale’iwa Beach to watch some honu lay around and bask in the sun.  While we there, we took in the sunset (our second in two days and some of these photos are from Ko’Olina the night before.

The sunset on North Shore was awesome.  Always has been.  Always will be.  It’s awesome to squint while the sun goes down only to find your self looking into the early night at the end of it all.  When we left Hale’iwa the two honu that had been there were still chilling out.

We headed to the Dixie Grill in Aiea after that and had a good meal.  I got the Creole Mahi and Cheesy Grits.  It was damn awesome with a 32oz beer.  #boom  Another day in Hawaii and it was all good.


Tomorrow, we plan to take our guests to Hanauma Bay.  I love snorkeling and I want to make sure that I show my peeps’ a good snorkeling time before I have to go back to work on Monday.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Bonus: I talked to the people at Malama Na Honu when I was at Hale’iwa today.  I had volunteered to protect the honu on the beach a while back and I didn’t hear anything from them.  I’m excited to start and I made sure they passed my name on.

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