Since waaaay back in 1953 there have been artists showcasing their talents and offering their works for sale in Waikiki. Displaying the rich Hawaiian influence that the islands have on great art is really inspiring. (I haven’t always felt that way, though.)   Every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm in Kapiolani Park (on the Diamond Head side of Waikiki, across from the bandstand) the “Art on the Zoo Fence” takes place.

I’ll admit it.  I’d seen Art on the Zoo Fence before when I’d been in Waikiki but I’d largely tried to steer my daughters away from it.  Art festivals make me cringe.  I just don’t like them.  Usually.  However, this week, while my oldest daughter is visiting and after she was done “learning” to surf, we had to basically walk the Kapiolani Park to where we had left our car.

I was stuck.  I set my mind on walking right through the park and not looking at anything or talking to any of the vendors and artists.

It turned out differently, though.  I couldn’t stop looking at all of the awesome art work on display.  I couldn’t stop asking question and chatting the artists up.  I wanted to buy everything.  I loved it all.

One of my favorite displays of artwork was of jewelry by a lady who calls herself “Maya Papaya” .  You can find her Facebook page here and access her Etsy store here.  Well worth a visit.

Maya Papay and Art on Waikiki Art on the zoo fence
Pretty jewelry and artist.

All of my favorite displays were that of the Honu (sea turtle), I’m a little bit obsessed with everything honu right now and I even volunteered to join (“protect the honu”).


Below I’ve added some images of other artist displays that I found the most interesting.  Don’t forget, if you’re on Oahu then you have to visit the Art on the Zoo Fence on the weekends between 9am and 4pm.