Living on Oahu is fun!  It’s paradise when the weather is optimal but if you’ve checked the Oahu weather and you see a rainy day or weekend coming up then consider these cool things to do on the Island that can take the gloom away and put some sunshine back in your life.

Step 1 is to get yourself a Go Oahu card and start saving some money while you’re there:

  1. Visit the Waikiki Aquarium

Go check out the marine life of Oahu and other Hawaiian Islands at the Waikiki Aquarium.  You can enjoy the indoors while still seeing coral reefs, sharks, sea turtles and jelly fish.  It’s affordable and worth the visit even on the nicest of days.

  1. Heck, Go to the Beach Anyway

Or the pool.  I mean, you’re going to get wet anyway, right?  Try to snorkel and see what the cloudy depths of Hanauma Bay or other Top Oahu Snorkeling sites have to offer when the sun isn’t shining on them.  You won’t get much sun bathing in but you can still have a great day.

  1. Go Shopping

Shopping areas like the Ala Moana Center can be nice way to spend a day, hit some cool food joints and find some stuff you may need for the rest of your stay in Oahu.  Hey, it’s Hawaii, the sun will shine again and you may need some beach towels when it does.


  1. Visit Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace is the only royal palace in the United States.  You’re not going to see another one.  The restoration and traditional palace features of Iolani offers one of the riches Polynesian culture experiences that you will ever encounter.  

  1. Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki

Take Hula and Ukulele lessons and truly appreciate the Hawaiian and Polynesian culture that the Islands have to offer and where it gets all its character.  The programs are a gift of the Hawaiian government.  You can see the schedule here.

  1. Go Out to Eat

My personal recommendation would be to catch some pho on a rainy day in Oahu.  The hot soup comes in generous helpings and warms the bones. Or, you can find some sushi or authentic Hawaiian cuisine.  Yelp is a great place to start!

waimea falls oahu activities
Waterfall at Waimea falls
  1. Drive Around the Island

Gas isn’t cheap in Hawaii but you really should take a few hours to drive around the entire island and see what’s out there.  The leeward and windward side are completely different and have their own micro-climates so you may even find some sunshine.

  1. Hike Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls was where part of The Hunger Games was filmed and there’s a waterfall at the end of a short ¾ mile walk.  (1.5 miles round trip)  You want to get the experience of a true rain forest?  Hike Waimea Falls in the drizzle.

  1. Fly to a Different Island

There is most likely a Hawaiian Island that is sunny and beautiful when Oahu is gloomy.  If you have the money then go ahead and splurge.  Plan on staying on the other Island for two days and just go!  Most flights are only 20-50 minutes from island to island.  Island hopping can be fun!

       10. Plan the Next Outing

Or, you can just lounge around the house/hotel/apartment/hostel and plan you’re next outing in great detail.  You won’t have much bad weather in Hawaii so you can use this rainy day to plan several trips and outtings.

Bonus Option is the Polynesian Cultural Center:
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